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The Project

The aim of this project is to allow the user to manage his collection of TV serials, with subtitles.

The application will be able to rename all the files of a directory using a pattern, defined by the user (for example "SxxEyy - nameOfTheEpisode" where "xx" is the season number and "yy" the number of the episode). It will be possible to "associate" a subtitle file to a video, that means, when you have a video file named "S02E11 - Title.avi" and a subtitle file named "s1x02 - title - by", the application will "associate" the .srt file to the .avi one by renaming it.

The application will include a VLC client, allowing the user to check if the subtitle file corresponds to the video one, and if it's well synchronized.

You can follow the project status on [ my blog].



Depending on the time I'll have and the problems I'll encounter, I could improve this application adding some features I thought about.

about : the name!!

I thought about some different names, maybe you could help me!

  • srtSort
  • srt Organizer / srt Organizr
  • subOrganizer / subOrganizr
  • ...


I will, of course, use Mozilla technologies ;) which includes XUL, and JavaScript, CSS.


First I have to include VLC in the XUL application. It should be able to play a video inside.

Then I will build the file explorer, in order to be able to manage the collection (rename, associate...).

Than I will implement features like renaming in the interface, appyling a pattern for the renaming action etc.


Here are some links I will focus on :