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The aim of this project is to allow users to add items to a TODO list using an Ubiquity command and to have the list actually hosted on Weave.

Since it implies being able to add items both when the client is online or offline, it requires to write a new data type that the weave extension will keep in sync. I'll try to follow this tutorial: and see if things have changed between Weave 0.3 and Weave 0.5 in this regard.

To be able to use this todo list, people will have to install the Weave extension, the Ubiquity extension, a new Ubiquity command and a special extension that will add a new data type to the Weave extension. I actually hope to be able to install the Ubiquity command from that extension as well. I also hope that Ubiquity and Weave will soon be natively integrated into Firefox.

I'm not expecting to be starting to work on this project before end of September/early October because of my ongoing Master course.