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Participants: Emre, Marcio, Michelle, Laurian and Brian


  • jetpack are not standards, not even XUL
  • but they are based on open web standards (X)HTML, CSS, JS
  • why not standardise extensions, there are widget standards anyway…
  • other standards: coding standards, standards in education…

Interoperability (annotations)

  • OpenAnnotation as core
  • call other jetpacks? how to test if a jetpack is installed? any jetpack dependencies management?
  • have a collection of static images (ex. icons) as an jetpack/xpi library
  • use the DOM as coordination space between jetpacks, eventually with a compatible annotation style

Sharing data between jetpacks

  • in the same browser
  • could be DOM storage based?
  • an event bus could be handy
  • sharing data across network?
  • Mozilla Weave? as common storage for two or more parties…

Library import vs. copy

  • DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself)? new packaging API should help.

Peer Review

  • code reviews
  • documentation

Jetpack Citizenship

  • community involvement
  • create libraries, support them!
  • continue work on jetpacks after this design camp (are your jetpacks part of other projects? research papers?)

Deployment in one step to non jetpack users

  • double XPI installation in one step (jetpack extension + your jetpack + whatever else)