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Q: How to elicit good, helpful feedback

Look for feedback to be confirmed in multiple channels

2 places to work: in the lab and in the field. Two directions work together

Google analytics gives usage tracking

  • use to guide future dev

Give a feedback link that captures the system state at time of sending (add data to POST)

  • lets you look back at particular part of system
  • find patterns to feedback

Usability vs. design feature Bug: if designer can't make it happen Usability: if other user can't make it happen

Q: How do we not piss off users? 1.Prevent user error 2.Enable easy recovery 3.Provide shortcuts

  • users will want to customize to save time on scale of 10's of milliseconds
  • keyboard shortcuts, gestures, context menus

To make keyboard shortcuts HTML Access Key defining tab order in the form jQuery Keyboard Library

Heuristics: Speak users' language

  • "filter" probably okay

Be consistent = Be strategic about where you break convention with common software

Match between system and real world

  • Ex. cf. how credit card expiration dates are represented on card, vs. how they are represented on forms. User has the ##, not Mmm.

Will be able to make use of FF icons via chrome URLs. SDK will let you inherit from themes

XBL will offer some powerful UI design tools, esp. for reusable pieces.

"Subjective Duration Assessment" 1. Take note of the time they take to do a task Ask them how long they perceive it took If they overestimate, they had a hard time, had to mentally struggle If they underestimate, it all flowed along well

For notifications, use the Growl stuff to have an unobtrusive way to inform user. Users can then handle notification prefs within Growl

Erik got smacked down for using term "Average User" Instead, think of "Unmotivated User" vs "Motivated User" Challenge is that they are not motivated to use stuff, do fancy configuration, etc. Help them build up with 'training wheels'

  • Make use of post-install
  • Hint at what you might want to do down the road.
  • Tips and tricks
  • Offer wizards to lead up to more complex things
    • workflow of sequential steps to guide through
    • when we get to SDK land it'll be easier to mix HTML and XUL to use XUL wizard elements

Shimmer in status bar for actions taking place

  • color stands out quickly
  • status bar is peripheral vision, so do a shimmer on color to make it easier to see

Modify tab to convey information--it's exposed, but it might be a little tricky

  • tabs are big focus point already