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In the future we will likely move the Mozilla Education material to its own site at the domain, which may combine a wiki with other technologies. The domain is currently live and redirecting to the Education section of, so that (for example) the URL will redirect to the URL automatically.)

To promote the site and help make this future move easier, please follow these recommended practices:

  • Use a hierarchical structure when naming pages within the Mozilla Education section of All names should be prefixed by "Education/", with additional section names included as needed and separated by slash characters (e.g., "Education/Events/Workshop").
  • Do not put spaces, underscores, or other special characters in the names of pages, except for slash characters as noted above. Use CamelCase for page names with multiple words (e.g., "Education/OnlineCourses").
  • Use lowercase with hyphens when naming uploaded files (e.g., "xul-programming-tutorial.pdf").
  • When making links to Mozilla Education pages within the current wiki, use the standard wikilinks syntax. (For example, "[[Education/Events/Workshop|workshop]]" for a page describing an upcoming workshop.)
  • When referencing Mozilla Education pages in email, blog posts, and other context, please use a URL referencing (For example, for the same page used in the previous example.)