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  • billm still working on session restore, some patches waiting for review
  • dvander still working on software compositor for Linux
  • sstamm: sandbox team compiling syscall whitelist for B2G
  • felipe working on form autocomplete (bug 897061)
  • mhammond working with A-Team to update test infrastructure for e10s

Next Actions

  • cpeterson to ask Jorge about his messageManager blog post
  • cpeterson to ask Vlad about e10s blog post
  • billm will investigate Adblock Plus (bug 930787)
  • evilpie will investigate Video DownloadHelper (bug 930788)
  • evilpie (and dvander?) will fix findbar bugs to avoid another backout (bug 666816)
  • mhammond expects to have his test patches ready for review in 1 week and ready to lead 7-10 days after that