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  • bug 1068189 (disable autostart behavior on aurora, beta) - follow up to address ipc test issues posted, should land today on beta.
  • bug 1072417 (remove browser.tabs.remote) - resolved fixed.
  • bug 698371 (thumbnails) - working through reviews with Dao.
  • bug 1065042 (gmail downloads fail) - resolved wfm.
  • bug 1059494 (Hanging content processes) - moved to m4, blocked by m3 bug 1049551.
  • bug 1053981 (wrong <select> drop down) - wip.
  • bug 1069471 (enable moar tests in automation) - no progress.


  • m3 bug 1067350 (abp & disappearing #) resolved, invalid
  • picked up m3 bug 1060093 (thank you mconley), Cannot debug chrome scripts running in the content process with the Browser Toolbox
  • Work on top addon author outreach & needinfos from developers we're already in contact with


  • M3 bug 1068412 for sending resource substitutions to the child process - final try testing
  • Failing to reproduce add-on install bug 1074460


  • Working on the spinner overlay, decided to do it in C++ instead of through XUL because we're going to be in potentially a state where queuing stuff through XUL would be too slow for the spinner to display
  • Got the code mostly done to modify the layers and create something to show, but we're crashing right now when we hit the spinner case being loaded. I think I've found the root cause of the issue but I need to talk to a layers guy to find out how best to go about this.
  • (Recap: with async tab switching we do a tab switch anyway after 300ms even if content isn't ready. Currently got an event hooked up that's sent to the compositor to draw a spinner if we hit the 300ms timeout, which stops being drawn when we get a remote paint ready event).


  • M3 Bug 1070096 - Collect no SessionStore information for about:tabcrashed pages
    • I have r+, but blocked on bug 1074507 and bug 1075658
  • M3 Bug 1065785 - Use session restore to reload crashed tabs
    • I have a working WIP patch that restores crashed tab history from SessionStore! Waiting on feedback from ttaubert.
    • Bug 1069075 - Intermittent browser_CTP_data_urls.js | Test 3a, Waited too long for plugin to activate | Test 3c, Plugin should be activated
      • Fixed
  • Bug 913651 - UX for the e10s "tab crashed" page on Desktop
    • mmaslaney's latest spec seems to give us what we need to move forward - we're at the bikeshedding on strings / graphics part of the process.


  • Final touches (and finally review) on my spellchecker context menu patch.
  • Reviews and needinfo requests
  • Up next: cookie bug
  • Last meeting from not-an-office for a while!


  • Review input feedback from dogfooders and tag relevant bugs with `dogfood` keyword.
    • Share bug list with Felipe