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  • M4 - bug 1068349 - IPC message handlers that return false cause child process to crash without a crash report
    • Fixed and landed.
    • Hard to tell if we've seen any uptick in crash reports because of the holiday dip.
  • M4 - bug 1108761 - Add class to let menulist > menupopup stylings apply to other popups
    • Went back and forth with Dao a bit on my approach, have put up an alternative and have gotten feedback - working on final changes.
  • bug 1117936 - After trying to print preview about:newtab, print preview fails on other pages.
    • This is a regression caused by my printing work that is affecting non-e10s users on Nightly and Aurora (and will soon uplift to beta). I've got a fix in the works which Mossop has r+'d.
  • M5 - bug 1047603 - [e10s] Non-remote tabs in e10s windows do not handle target="_blank" or window.open links properly.
    • Finally coming back around to this. I've got a new solution for this that works off of stuff Mossop did in bug 999239.
  • M4 - bug 1117867 - Disable e10s on 01/06
    • Landed. Gavin asks if this is really necessary to do each 6 weeks?
      • Redirect to lmandel.


  • bugs now filed for all the addon errors reported by telmetry
  • assisting various addon authors
  • bug 1071562 - [e10s] Support non-text content types for content process clipboard
    • can convince child process that the cmd_copyImage is valid, But its a hack because vv
    • underlying problem to clipboard copying issues: in single process firefox the rooted node we need to do the operations on is managed by the (context menu)PopupManager. The content process's one is empty
      • How to do this correctly is an open question. Ideas welcome!
      • text got to cheat because that pulls from the selection manager, which is in the content process.


  • been working on a security related bug
  • bug 1095754 (plugin compositor patches) - posting patches right now!


  • Started looking into showModalDialog (though might depend on mconley's target=_blank stuff)
  • Got reviews for bug 1055508 (findbar autofill from selection/find clipboard) but a couple of test failures
  • Next: Review billm's hang patch.


  • bug 1097998 - warn when using CPOWs when content process isn't in a safe state - landed
  • bug 1071880 - Notify user of addons that are slowing their browser down significantly - needs UX
  • bug 1096718 - display time measured spent in each compartment - needs review


  • Found a bug in the <browser remote="true"> destructor not being called in some cases while fixing intermittent orange bug 1094312

Round Table

  • What's this about all hands twice a year?