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  • bug 1083344 (Tighten OS X content sandbox policy) is in review and should land ~next week. OS X content sandbox is currently enabled for all OS X versions with an allow-all policy. The stricter policy will only apply to OS X 10.9 and 10.10 for now (until sandboxing team has time to better test the older OS X sandboxes).


  • Unable to make the meeting. Sorry. :/
  • I'll mostly be not working on e10s next week due to a MozReview work week. I'll be available for emergencies - I'm going to be in the Toronto office and IRC as usual. Might not be at the meetings - but who knows. Ping me if anything comes up that I should look at.
  • M5 - bug 1073165 - [e10s] TypeError: this._historyListener is null when clicking crashed tabs that were never loaded
    • I have an r+'d patch for this, waiting for the tree to open to land.
  • M4 - bug 1117934 - Re-enable e10s by default on Nightly 38.
    • Done.
  • M5 - bug 1110495 - Wrap try/catch around e10s add-on shim initialization
    • Fixed and landed.
  • M5 - bug 1047603 - [e10s] Non-remote tabs and chrome in e10s windows do not handle target="_blank" or window.open links properly.
    • I have a solution to this that'll work on top of billm's work in bug 567058
    • I'm chasing down test failure that my test causes. I hope to have this wrapped up soon - it's been a bit of a slog.
  • bug 1117936 - After trying to print preview about:newtab, print preview fails on other pages.
    • This fix landed on central before the Aurora uplift, but still needs to land on Beta. I have approval, just waiting for the tree to open.



  • bug 1095754 (plugin compositor patches) - working through reviews
  • bug 1073957 (browser needs access to doc shell props for thumnbnailing code) - wip