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  • bug 1162775 - Make contentAreaDropListener.js use dataTransfer.files for e10s compatibility


  • bug 1153205 (fix for missing annotations in automation crash dumps) - r+. need to land it.
  • bug 1160142 (take browser stacks sooner for plugin hangs) - under review
  • bug 1156857 (histogram child data missing) - under review
  • bug 1137944 (flash paint bug on Windows) - back on this again.


  • regular qa work
  • learning the basics of browser chrome tests and use of hg
  • working on next iteration of arewee10syet with new top 500 addons and guid data from amo plus cpow data from billm. I expect to have it all working by next week at this time.


  • bug 1161260 - Prompt for e10s on Aurora and new strings - fixed
  • bug 1163062 - Make e10s strings localizable - fixed
  • bug 1053965 - fix activation from about:home - fixed
  • bug 1129957 - RemoteWebNavigation doesn't accept post headers - bounced
  • Reviews


  • My intern, Ursula, starts next Tuesday. She will be working on making about:newtab run remotely.
  • M6 - bug 1025146 - [e10s] Make it so that we can view document source without hitting the network
    • Fixed and landed
  • M6 - bug 1128050 - [e10s] Save page as... doesn't always load from cache
    • Fixed and landed
  • bug 1163900 - crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpChannelCacheKey::GetData(unsigned int*, nsACString_internal&)
    • Caused by the cache key patch required to fix bug 1025146 and bug 1128050. Michal has a patch, but seems risky. We're backing out the cache key patch on Aurora, which will cause 40 to be affected by bug 1025146 and bug 1128050
  • M7 - bug 1124728 - All talos on OSX fails with running in e10s mode
    • Patches up - jmaher is just chasing down some last minute orange. This should be fixed very soon.
  • M7 - bug 1136478 - [e10s] pagehide/show events not fired when swapping remote browsers
    • Fixed and landed
  • M7 - bug 1094328 - [e10s] Detaching XUL tabs (about:newtab, about:preferences, about:addons) leaves a ghost tab in the old window, and opens a blank tab in the new window
    • Fixed and landed
  • M7 - bug 1158377 - Link drag-and-drop doesn't work properly when viewing source from a remote browser
    • Fixed and landed
  • M7 - bug 863515 - Electrolysis: Make content.opener work
    • Patches up, waiting for review.
  • M7 - bug 1116188 - [e10s] Stop using sync messages for Gecko profiler
  • M7 - bug 1091112 - Print dialog doesn't get focus automatically, if e10s is enabled
    • Almost done.


  • almost done updating wiki with meeting notes archive... whee.
  • looking at comparison of e10s add-on data with popularity and other forms of data add-ons team is collecting, tracy awesome as always


  • bug 1161166 - Improve OSX shared memory perf. Have a patch that provides a moderate improvement to the generic posix mmap'd memory. The mach specific vm approach has a WIP, but needs a significant bit of work to serialize memory region references for communication between processes


  • Have a patch reviewed and ready to land for popups opening at the wrong place when they would appear offscreen. Depends on Neil's bug to add openPopupAtScreenRect() landing.
  • Have a patch reviewed and ready to land for fixing a small regression from the tab switching work (close button appearing based off selected instead of visuallyselected)
  • Have been looking at event code to work out why events aren't being consumed properly from popups (bug 1119074).


  • Started trying giving help on mozilla.dev.tech.electrolysis
  • Experimenting with nsIProcessScriptLoader.loadProcessScript(), looks promising for NoScript, FlashGot and extensions registering their own XPCOM services
  • Almost fixed bug 1153256


  • Not a super productive week.
  • Still waiting for review for <datalist> support.
  • Working on m7 bugs now.


  • Bug 1158198 - When swapping docshells the frameloader reloads all existing framescripts - investigated very confusing, I need more time... it might be even invalid
  • Bug 1164014 - Shim optimization - working on second version
  • Bug 1164011 - accidentally filtering out CPOWS in interposeProperty - filed/fixed
  • Bug 1116854 - let addon shim ride the train - validated/closed

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