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  • Been doing intern onboarding! Introducing my intern Ursula Sarracini (:ursula)
    • Ursula is going to be working on remoting about:newtab
  • M7 - bug 1124728 - All talos on OSX fails with running in e10s mode
    • Talos fixes are in. jmaher is writing the automation gunk to make our machines run e10s talos on OS X now.
  • M7 - bug 863515 - Electrolysis: Make content.opener work
    • Fixed and landed.
  • M7 - bug 1116188 - [e10s] Stop using sync messages for Gecko profiler
    • Work ongoing
  • M7 - bug 1091112 - Print dialog doesn't get focus automatically, if e10s is enabled
    • 2 patches up for review, 1 up for feedback
  • M7 - bug 1166351 - Unable to access new tabs and unable to close any tab
    • Starting investigations
  • Bunch of reviews - will clear out e10s reviews today.
  • I'm on PTO next week, but will be checking bugmail regularly.


bug 1164640 - reset the a11y flag - ready to land bug 903016 - contentAreaClick - work in progress, review incoming


  • Bug 1164014 - Shim optimization, new version is ready,

still working on some polishing bits with Bill, will be landed soon.

  • Bug 1164011 - interpostion for CPOWS, tried to land the patch

but there is a problem with the test (in non e10s mode only) so want to discuss it with Bill (tried to understand the failing test but quite confused)

  • Bug 1110123 - nsIAboutModule interpostion for chrome.manifest

just started looking into it, I see the problem but don't really know what to do with it yet....

  • massive amount of reviews


  • Bug 1024437 (m6, datalist) - reviews finally moving forward again. Should be done today or tomorrow.
  • Bug 1079122 (bookmarklets have popups blocked) - investigated, should have a patch soon.


  • Shelved the OSX Shared memory work as of Monday


  • Tentatively fixed Bug 1153256 (waiting for confirmation)
  • Restored inline JavaScript blocking in NoScript
  • Fixed bugs related to CPOWs not usable with some APIs by remoting "content-document-global-created" observer in the child process
  • Tried to help the "Magic Actions for Youtube" add-on developer, referred by Jorge Villalobos


  • Still looking at event code. Trying to wrap my head around propagation. I think the patch that I have is correct based on feedback from felipe and smaug, and the tests that are breaking (two of them in browser-chrome) are doing something incorrect. Currently debugging that.
  • Got a couple of M7s that need to land this week. Patches are done.
  • Also looking at sorting out a blog post to let people (theme developers) know that visuallyselected should now be used for themes.
  • Milan's M7 popup bug is a dupe of the select positioning bug, which should land whenever inbound opens again.
  • Looking to take over blassey's shmem work.


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