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  • bug 1227312 (M8, Crash report telemetry data is off for content process crashes) - fixed, waiting on aurora uplift.
  • bug 1096804 (M8, Support windows taskbar previews and thumbnails) - close, waiting on two sign offs on some last minute changes.
  • bug 1232184 (M8, Plugin windows flicker) - diagnosed, kats is looking at this today. caused by a bug in apz code related to spurious apz transform events.
  • bug 1193055 (M8, On first scroll, plugin lags before being hidden) - patches complete, waiting on bug 1232184.
  • bug 1232181 (M8, Replace plugin windows with static window captures when scrolling) - wip.


  • M8 bug 1233497 - Make unsafe CPOWs from non-addon browser code throw by default
  • M8 bug 1233803 - Get rid of of sessionHistory CPOW sent up via WebNavigation:SetHistory message
    • Trivial to remove, just trying to find the right way to shim the JSM. Talking to gabor in the bug.
  • M8 bug 1159827 - [e10s] We always show the spinner when closing a tab
    • Closed WFM having talked to billm. He's still seeing a black flash when switching tabs though, which I've filed as bug 1237654 for triage.
  • bug 1233368 - tabbrowser.xml calls TelemetryStopwatch.finish() for FX_TAB_SWITCH_TOTAL_E10S_MS twice
    • Fixed and landed.


  • bug 1156742 - print to xps with low integrity sandbox - skia bug has been fixed so I landed this, but had to pref off again due to paper size issue breaking printing for a lot of people. Shouldn't be too difficult to fix.
  • bug 1173371 - Web page is not shown when launch Firefox from network drive on Windows - Chromium fix isn't quite good enough to work for network drive, so I'm going to have to patch the Chromium code for this. Looks fairly tricky due to what seems like a history of different approaches to handling these things in Windows. Once I have a solution I'll try and upstream the patch for Chromium.



  • bug 1109714 - feed reader patch finally landed.
  • bug 1234049 - black tab when changing sizemode. I can reproduce this, and it looks like we're painting black into the layer at some point when it's minimised. I've confirmed it's not an issue with the compositor, and I've been tracing through layout code to try and find where this paint is coming from.
  • bug 1179732 - tresize regression. This is a startup regression; basically, the test uses an addon on startup to do the perf test. In e10s, this takes ~5s to start up. It looks like the use of shims is really hammering our startup perf here, so I'm looking into making the addon multiprocess capable.


Worked on re-enabling tests in:

  • toolkit/content/tests/browser
  • browser/components/search/test
  • browser/base/content/test/newtab