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  • M8 bug 1233803 - Get rid of of sessionHistory CPOW sent up via WebNavigation:SetHistory message
    • Got my shim working, and mostly green try push. Just cleaning up test failures now.
  • M8 bug 1233497 - Make unsafe CPOWs from non-addon browser code throw by default
    • Tests are now all passing on Try
    • Blocked on how to proceed wrt add-on compatibility - waiting on needinfo from billm.
  • M8 bug 1206885 - [e10s] Firefox x64 doesn't open some Popup-Windows
    • blassey was able to capture the arguments being passed to the window
    • This looks like showModalDialog usage. Not sure if there's much we can do about it, since showModalDialog is getting torn out. Kicked it over to miketaylor.
    • According to this comment, it might be a matter of having sys admins update to a more recent OWA version?
  • Perf P1 bug 1223780 - [e10s][telemetry] regressions in EVENTLOOP_UI_LAG_EXP_MS (3 metrics: parent, children, parent + children)
    • This actually looks better with e10s on than with it off. We are, however, missing accurate data from the content process.
    • I've needinfo'd vladan on closing this bug.
  • Perf P1 bug 1195295 - content-sessionStore.js sends a sync message to the parent in SyncHandler.init
    • This patch is ready to roll, but flips an intermittent leak orange to a perma leak orange (hooray!)
    •  :ting is working on the orange in bug 1220517. Once that gets sorted, I can land this.
  • Perf P1 bug 1181333 - set_selectedIndex() @ tabbrowser.xml:6105 triggers a frame during tab switch
    • Brainstorming solutions to this.
  • I'm doing the JS / DOM talk today for new hires at 3:30PM ET.


  • bug 1096804 (M8, Support windows taskbar previews and thumbnails) - fixed.
  • bug 1232184 (M8, Plugin windows flicker) - fixed.
  • bug 1193055 (M8, On first scroll, plugin lags before being hidden) - fixed.
  • bug 1232181 (M8, Replace plugin windows with static window captures when scrolling) - wip.
  • bug 1225097 (perf P1, HTTP_* probes that regress under e10s) - resolved. There are regressions in 0ms buckets due to ipc request lag which is expected. In general since the chrome process has more cycles to process cache and netwerk requests, response times have improved.
  • bug 1210842 (perf P1, hilton.com problems) - js triggers recurring reflow for complex site with no visual changes. Both e10s and non-e10s perf on this site suck.


Made patches for the 35 newtab page tests. Two remain to fix.



  • bug 1234675 (m8, - disable e10s on beta rollout for users with addons) - working on an implementation after some discussions about requirements and implementation details
  • bug 1236926 (m8, - remove you are now testing e10s prompt) - landed patch, still have to uplift
  • bug 1233803 (m8, - get rid off sessionHistory CPOW) - tired to help out Mike, found a mistake in the js implemented XPCOM component but my version didn't work out (lost some hair in the process), luckily Mike finished it up and it's working now
  • bug 1182637 (P1 perf, - e10s jankier) - looked into the new data, not sure yet what to do with it, I'm not yet convinced that the data is not corrupted again in some way for half the tested population. A half of the experiment population shows good result the another half bad result...


  • bug 1234049 (m8 - content area black when un-minimising window) - took a while but tracked this down and have a fix now. waiting on review.
  • bug 1237025 (m8 - view image info uses cpows) - working on this now.


  • bug 1238964 - Printing via parent doesn't handle paper sizes correctly - this was the problem I found with bug 1156742 - I have patches just about to push to try.


  • I spent a bunch of time working on enabling docshell mochitest-browser-chrome tests (that's over in bug 1239122) and investigating other disabled tests.