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  • bug 1264566 NEW:: [e10s] UAC error message "Acces Denied" when doing action on file/folder after upload in Firefox with form submit
    • leak should be fixed, push to try
    • looks good on MacOS/Linux, checking some failed testcases on Windows


  • bug 1264642 NEW:: Reduce the contiguous address space needed for StructuredClone serialization
    • rebased onto BufferList, pushing to try


  • bug 1258317 REOPENED:: crash in mozilla::ipc::TransferHandleToProcess (PBackground related)
    • Requested uplift of diagnostic patch (part 2)
  • bug 1272018 NEW:: Use shared memory to send images for drag and drop
    • attach a WIP patch
    • submitted patch for review
  • bug 1268900 NEW:: Add opt-in way to immediately deserialize a message after serializing it
    • addressed the review comment


  • bug 1274075 NEW:: IndexedDB ObjectStore AddOrPut operation crashes when attempting to send too much data via an IPC pipe
    • started working on it
  • bug 1219914 NEW:: 25MiB AWSY regression when re-enabling jemalloc 4
    • retriggered try pushes for talos comparision
    • finally got jemalloc4 enabled on try, ni'd :jmaher for talos comparison


  • bug 1271601 - Handling IPC transport failures more gracefully - landed, requested uplift


  • bug 1275384 - [e10s] bugzilla text boxes fail to take focus
    • Whoops, my bad. I caused this with bug 1263887 - [e10s] The dropdown selector is not working properly.
    • Fix is up for review.
  • bug 1261842 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs
  • Lots of reviews.


  • bug 1261299 Mac OS X Services is not available for e10s tab content
    • Talked with :masayuki, in e10s when you select text outside editors, you don't have any way to retrieve the selected contents.
    • Will talk with him in Bugzilla about what to do.
  • bug 1109146 link target no longer saved when browser.altClickSave is set to True
    • submitted patch
    • Subsequent blocking bug 1275289 needs to be resolved first


  • m9 bug 1275040 - Block e10s on OSX 10.6 - 10.8 [landed]
  • m9 bug 1275039 - Block e10s on Windows XP [landed]
  • p1 bug 1274088 - Remove release=0% in the e10s rollout add-on for 47 [landed]
  • p1 bug 1273685 - PopupBlocking:UpdateBlockedPopups messages can be very large [wip]
  • Reviews


  • bug 1259517 - dropping an image in a contenteditable element doesn't do anything - attached a patch, waiting for feedback.
  • bug 1244533 - dragend doesn't have coordinates - wrote a patch and checked it in.
  • Other needinfos and reviews.


  • landed all patches and requested uplifts focusing on sandboxing and multiple content processes
  • (cannot join the meeting today, but happy to take bugs if they pop up)


  • week 4 numbers are giving me trouble. Apparently we run out of space generating a derived stream for over three weeks worth of pings. The derived dataset is now just the fourth week (not everything from day 0 up to day 28), and analysis is running.


  • bug 1274074 console.log()ging too much data can crash e10s via IPC call from mozilla::dom::ProcessGlobal::SendAsyncMessage -- have a patch almost ready for review


  • bug 1263224 Hand off a11y requests from RPC thread to main thread - Found out that QueryInterface wasn't working properly, had to rewrite a bunch of code to fix this. Blog post forthcoming to explain technical details.
  • bug 1275731 Add ia2marshal.dll to installer
  • Still want to get a testable build out this week


  • Slow Script release criterion has been signed off. e10s does have a regression but Barbara and jimm have decided it is an acceptable regression:
    • non-e10s = 854 hours between warnings (0.00117087669174 warnings per hour)
    • e10s = 630 hours between warnings (0.00158655016424 warnings per hour)
  • I am still pinging module and test owners about signing off tests disabled on e10s.