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  • bug 1046166 [e10s] userContent.css does not work
    • talked to dbaron
    • wip patch
  • bug 1265324 [e10s] Typing is garbled after backspacing
    • asked for a testcase
    • cannot reproduce on linux, try again later
  • bug 1264566 [e10s] UAC error message "Acces Denied" when doing action on file/folder after upload in Firefox with form submit
    • fixed some tests that failed on try
    • trying baku's approach, requested review


  • bug 1261506 Can't stop the loading of a very large page in e10s mode
  • bug 1287044 Annotate crashes for pending messages in MessageChannel::OnMessageReceivedFromLink
    • received r+, revised the patch and pushed to try
  • bug 1239536 [e10s] Hang in Linux when printing
    • can't reproduce for now, checked the code around print dialog
  • bug 1245713 RESOLVED::DUPLICATE Not creating crash dumps for the content process when we should on Linux
    • dupe to bug 481781


  • bug 1256313 [e10s] <select> preserves active state when I release mouse over the list of options
  • bug 1253979 [e10s] <select> preserves depressed state of dropmarker and stays active when I release mouse over the list of options
  • bug 1194027 [e10s] DoubleClicking a select doesn't collapse when clicking on the dropmarker
    • attached a patch for feedback
  • bug 1281223 Crash in @0x0 | mozilla::dom::PContentChild::DestroySubtree
    • tracing code


  • bug 1264642 Reduce the contiguous address space needed for StructuredClone serialization
    • Addressing review comments for bug 1264642
    • Ready to request review again.


  • Filed bug 1288453 nsAutoCopyListener::NotifySelectionChanged doesn't get triggered for a selection changed when you click and drag to switch to a greyed out selection
    • Happy to take it, just need some input about the correct behavior on the Linux side.
    • Would simplify the patch I have for bug 1261299 - [e10s] Mac OS X Services
  • bug 1285421 Handle eQuerySelectionAsTransferable for remote targets
    • tracing code


Latest e10s analysis is up: [1]

  • test branch up to 686k from 609k


  • bug 1261842 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs
    • This landed and bounced. I needed to make some more changes to Marionette. Waiting on a review from AutomatedTester.
  • Discovered bug 1287938 - ts_paint is measuring the wrong thing in the e10s case
    • In the process of modifying the test to calculate delta between process start and firstPaint as recorded in nsIAppStartup
    • We still seem to be at parity with non-e10s here, according to my try push, so I think we dodged a measurement bullet.
  • bug 1284687 - Hide the windows instead of closing them during flush on quit
    • This has been uplifted to Aurora and Beta.


  • bug 1247497 - Mechanism to limit when e10s is turned on based on add-ons presence or absense
  • bug 1282120 - First e10s-addons beta 49 experiment


Worked on <select> related bugs:

Have patch reviewed:

  • bug 1253975 P1 - scroll position should be aligned better
  • bug 1128156 P2 - use a maximum size that is exactly 20 items to prevent erratic scrolling
  • bug 1256313 P1 - clear active state when popup closed

Have patch ready for testing:

  • bug 1159301 P2 - click and hold to select not working on Linux
  • bug 1226915 P3 - page scrolls when mousewheel used on select popup while mouse is down
  • bug 1249177 P2 - close popup when switching in and out of fullscreen

Have work in progress patch for:

  • bug 1194027 P1 - double click to close
  • bug 1253979 P1 - dropmarker state incorrect after click, hold and release
  • bug 1264271 P3 - dropmarker state incorrect after moving mouse outside of popup


  • ~7 a11y patches up for review right now
  • A whole bunch of others reviewed (thanks jimm)
  • 8 patches landed across 4 bugs
  • More on the way as reviews come in