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  • try build available for people interested in playing with e10s on touchscreens.
  • Still working through some IAccessible2 problems


  • bug 1261842 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs
    • Second round of review feedback from smaug came in, fixing things and dealing with new test fallout (yay!)
  • bug 1284687 - WebExtension page causes Firefox shutdown to hang
    • Found out we haven't been flushing windows properly on shutdown since 45. Patch landed on Nightly, requested uplift.
  • Just double-checking - comms knows how cautious we're trying to be, right? (Re: call for Medium content)


E10s A/B analysis is up and is as boring as we could hope: [1]

  • Up to 609k users on test this week (up from 590k last week)


  • bug 1252877 - Add support for taking plugin window captures at the start of a scroll - most reviews in, part 2 updated following review.


  • bug 1282120 - e10s addons experiment - settled on the code approach, try builds ready tomorrow