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During the Whistler Coincidental Work Week, Jascha announced the formation of the Agile Council.

The Agile Council is the cross-team committee empowered to define and roll-out agile systems across Mozilla Marketing.

Agile for Marketing Playbook (beta)


2015 Q3

Item Summary Example
Glossary of Terms shared language what do we call it? scrum-ban / moz-bon? how does it work next to other agile implementations?
Tools Recommendation business process & tech standups three days a week? trello? physical boards?
Team Size POV smaller > bigger what is the max size of a team? what is the minimum size?
Overall Work System POV ‘scrum of scrums’ how many durable teams? how are they organized (scrum of scrums, etc.)? workforce plan. training?

To achieve these high level goals in Q3, we will adopt a general framework of Research --> Process --> Platform.

To set us up for success, each phase will inform and drive the next. Below are high level descriptions of the goals for each phase. These goals, deliverables and organization very likely will be updated dependent on the findings in the phase before.

1. Research

  • Who is using some form of agile inside and outside of Mozilla?
  • Glossary of terms and definitions

2. Process

  • How can these methodologies map to specific cases within Engagement?

3. Platform

  • What tool or tools should we use?

2015 Q4

Item Summary Example
Test & Retrospective near-term success pick a project in a theme and run a test of the proposed system
Roll Out Plan long-term success set and launch the system

The Council

Founding Members

Jascha (Product Owner) Liz Hull Ben Sternthal Greg Jost
Cory Price (Scrum Master) Ben Niolet Niran Amir Tim Murray
Alexandra Costello Jessica Osorio Patrick Finch
Shez Prasad Laura Napoli Justin Crawford
Matt Grimes Paul Johnson Matej Novak

Q3 Sub Teams

Each team lead will be responsible for driving their sub team, and keep other team leads informed of progress.

Team leads will be responsible to schedule 1 checkin per week with their team, as well as a weekly checkin to with the rest of the team leads.

We will come together as a larger team twice per quarter. Probably during transition periods.

Research Teams

Liz Hull Justin Crawford Matej Novak Ben Sternthal
Agile inside Mozilla Engineering: Which engineering organizations at Mozilla are using an agile practice? How do they do it? Is it successful? Agile Marketing: How do marketing organizations (inside or outside of Mozilla) implement agile? Agile Tools: How do organizations outside of Mozilla actually implement their agile processes? Focus on tools, team and roles. Agile inside Mozilla Engagement: Which marketing teams at Mozilla are using an agile practice? How do they do it? Is it successful?
Patrick Finch Paul Johnson Laura Napoli Ben Niolet
Matt Grimes Niran Amir Gregory Jost Jessica Osorio
Shez Prasad Tim Murray

Q3 Schedule

  • July 30th - kickoff Research
  • August 24th: delivery of Research deliverables
  • August 27th - kickoff Process
  • September 8th - delivery of Process deliverables
  • September 14th - kickoff Platform
  • September 30th - delivery of Platform deliverables


Initiative Kickoff (Jascha)

Team Kickoff

Project Folder

Q3 Work



Google Group


  • Or come to #agile on IRC!