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This page contains all of the important details for Project MozID: Mozilla Identity Evolution.

Project Description

Our goal is to expand Mozilla’s visual identity system so it fully exemplifies and expresses our brand positioning: “Internet champions who empower people to reach their full potential through open systems.”

Project Purpose & Details

Project Information

  • Communications Channel(s): #fistbump IRC channel, about:pixels blog, @MozCreative Twitter
  • Team members (RASCI):
    • Responsible: Sean Martell, Barry Munsterteiger, [technical resource TBD]
    • Accountable: John Slater
    • Technical Project Manager: Cory Price
    • Supportive: creative team + web team + the broader Mozilla community
    • Consulted: Mary Ellen Muckerman
    • Informed: Chris Beard, Mitchell Baker, Pete Scanlon, Mark Surman

Project Management

  • Project & deliverable timeline (note: currently very rough)
    • August 1: executive approvals complete; full team on board and ready to begin; initial blog posts written and posted
    • August 3-September 12: design exploration, online tool prototyping
    • September 12: creative review 1
    • September 26: creative review 2
    • October 10: creative review 3
    • October 17: design assets and logo tool complete; hand off information to web team to begin updating style guide and relevant parts of mozilla.org
    • November 18: launch
  • Miscellaneous other information:
  • bug 1047081 Overall tracking bug
  • bug 1047087 Bug for font update
  • Important Dates
    • 10/15/2014 - Home Page Redesign
    • 11/18/2014 - Project Lorax

Community Involvement

  • As we work toward developing a more open identity system, it is extremely important that the way we work fully reflect our principles. With that in mind, two way communications with the broader Mozilla community will be emphasized...both in terms of regularly sharing info on our progress as well as soliciting input and ideas as we go.
  • Proposed communications schedule:
    • August 11: initial blog posts - John with general overview, Sean with thoughts on living brands)
    • August 11: Sean to announce project at weekly Mozilla project meeting
    • August 15: Sean to launch and blog about Pinterest board for community input
    • August 29: update blog post from John and/or Sean (with video)
    • September 12: update blog post (with video)
    • September 26: public brown bag
    • September 26: update blog post (with video)
    • October 10: update blog post (with video)
    • October 17: update blog post (with video)