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This page contains all of the important details for Shape of the Web.

Project Description

Build a micro-site encouraging the Mozilla audience to educate themselves about the state of the Web, learn more about Mozilla and show their support.

Project Purpose & Details

Project Brief

This project will introduce an assessment of the health of the Web. This platform will also share what Mozilla is doing to champion that reality and offer light-touch ways for people to learn and do more.

More specifically, we will encourage our audience to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the health of the Web
  • Gain awareness of Mozilla’s values and accomplishments
  • Offer bite-size opportunities to act or learn more

We will evaluate four key attributes that we consider requirements of a healthy Web. We are calling them vital signs:

  • Access: People around the world must have affordable access to the Internet, regardless of who they are or where they live.
  • Control: Users must be free to shape their online experiences and decide how their information is shared and used.
  • Trust: The Internet must respect our privacy and security so no one feels vulnerable, threatened or at risk online.
  • Openness: Fair and transparent rules must preserve our independence and provide fair and equal opportunity for everyone.

Access to full brief

Project Information

  • Team members
    • Executive Sponsor - Mary Ellen Muckerman
    • Program Leads - Greg Jost & Dia Bondi
    • Insights / Business Analysis - John Jensen & Patrick Finch
    • Policy & Legal - Chris Riley & Jishnu Menon
    • Advocacy - Dave Steer
    • User Engagement - Jean Collings
    • PR - Erica Jostedt
    • Creative - Matej Novak
    • Web Prod - Schalk Neethling, Pmac & Cory Price
    • Mozilla.org Owner - Jen Bertsch
    • Work & Co (agency)

Project Management