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1.) Create Agenda

  • Create new Etherpad agenda. See example here. Be sure to update date.
  • Send a notice asking for topics and partipicants to the following lists BEFORE EOD Monday:
    1. marketing@lists.mozilla.org
    2. engagement team alias

2.) File IT bug

  • Request IT support for Air Mozilla.
  • Ideally, testing and setup happens 15 minutes before the call with IT support.
  • File bug here.

3.) Create slides

4.) Promote the Meeting

  • Send out a notice of the meeting's logistical information (IRC Channel, Phone Number, link to the Slides, topics) to the following lists by Tuesday:
    1. marketing@lists.mozilla.org
    2. reps-general@lists.mozilla.org
    3. Comunidad Mozilla: Spanish responses highly appreciated, but always happy to hear from other regions.
    4. European Active Community Members
    5. Balkans list: Lurkers and supporters welcome.
    6. Milis Mozilla Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian community
    7. community-philippines-- Philippine Mozilla community list
    8. community-india-- India Community List
    9. Engagement team alias
  • Update the topic on IRC with the new slides and feel free to tweet and blog about them.

5.) Host the Call!

  • Please arrive at 9:45 a.m. PDT to ensure that Air Mozilla works. (Tip: have remote Mozillians view and test the stream quality)
  • Dial into the call. See details here. (Tip: make sure the call is unmuted from our end)
  • Conduct a roll call in the room, on the phone and then announce IRC participants.
  • Take notes in the agenda etherpad and then send out to the marketing list when done!
  • Ask IT to archive the video and send link to either Mary or William to add it to Air Mozilla's list of archived sessions.