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Sprint Management

Archived Standup Recordings

Standup notes replaced recordings in early Q2.

Q1 2016

Sprint 1

Sprint 2

Sprint 3

Sprint 4

Q2 2016

Sprint 1

Three Week Sprint Schedule

Meeting/Event Time and Days Attendees Notes
Sprint Planning Meeting Every first Thursday, 9am - 12pm PT (first day of a new sprint) Core Team is required Stakeholders may listen in, This meeting lasts as long as it takes. This is the first day of a new sprint.
User Story Readouts Every first Thursday, 11 - 11:45am PT PO, PM, Sponsor, Marketing Leads required All teams have 5 minutes each to read out their User Stories for that sprint, followed by a Q&A with Leads.
Homeroom Day Every first Friday, all day All Durable Team members Discretionary day - can be used to finalize sprint planning or prepare for sprint work beginning Monday. Also time for functional teams to meet and to have meetings that fall outside the purview of the Durable Team.
Daily Stand-Ups (15 minutes only) 1st Monday through 3rd Tuesday of Sprint, Daily at 9:30am PT Core Team is required Anyone is welcome to listen, but may not speak, take all questions offline to Ali, Alex or Lizz.
Sprint Demo Meeting Every third Wednesday (last day of Sprint), time TBD Everyone is welcome This is where we show the work completed in the sprint, it's a place to ask questions and give feedback. In Q2, all Durable Teams will be demoing to the full Marketing organization. Time TBD - first Q2 sprint demo is May 11.
Sprint Retrospective Meeting Every third Wednesday (last day of Sprint), time TBD Core Team Only No One else is invited to this meeting! We will discuss what to start, stop and continue doing in the next sprint.

Archived Kanban Board