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The purpose of this document is to outline the Ask MDN initiative; why we're doing it, what it is, and how it works.


Ask MDN is a new initiative from MDN and the Developer Engagement team here at Mozilla.

For one hour every fortnight on Twitter we will get a panel of experts together to answer questions about a specific topic related to Web development.

In each session we choose a different topic, which will be announced in advance so there's plenty of opportunity for the developer community to send in a question for our experts (who also change each session).

After each session we will archive the questions and answers so the community can search through them and continue learning long into the future. We see this as being just as valuable a resource for learning as the documentation is on MDN.

We’re starting Ask MDN because we believe that there isn’t much help for developers on Twitter outside of questions and answers between friends.

With Ask MDN we want to bring together the developer community and our long-standing relationship with experts. We want to make it super easy to get a trusted and valued opinion on something that’s been bugging you, no matter how simple.

Procedure before each event

Picking and announcing the topic

Picking experts

Asking questions


Procedure during each event

Asking questions


Answering questions


Procedure after each event

Archiving of Q&A materials

Collecting feedback