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Team Lead: Patrick Finch Mailing List: market-insights at mozilla dot com
The team studies external data, bringing insights into Mozilla at the industry, competitor and user level in support of our activities in market. If you have questions about competitors, or market segments, trends and sizing, the Market Insights team is here to help.

Team Roster

Name Contact Location Project Assignments
Patrick Finch patrick at mozilla dot com Eskilstuna, Sweden Competitive Pulse, desktop insights support
Irina Sandu isandu at mozilla dot com Berlin, Germany Mobile Insights, mobile insights support
Margaret Schroeder mschroeder at mozilla dot com Boston, US Market Watch, app insights support
John Jensen jjensen at mozilla dot com Vancouver, Canada Web technologies


Project Name Description Primary Contact
Mobile Insights Weekly report of developments in the mobile space, with a focus on Android Irina Sandu

How can you get involved?

We are currently designing cool ways to get involved, but if you have an idea already, please contact us (see below).

Contact Us!

  • Market Insights Mailing List: market-insights@mozilla.com (members-only, go here to subscribe).