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Engagement Newsletter

Guide: Jessilyn Davis

Beneficiaries: Vouched Mozillians

Why: To keep Mozillians informed of the Engagement Team's projects and campaigns, explain why it matters to the Project, and provide ways for people to find out more and get involved.

Timing: First Tuesday of each month (recapping the past month)


  • Opening - [Chris] (will send from Chris's address)
    • Theme of month or top-line summary.
  • Engagement Highlights (1-2) [written by owner of the project; ties back to top-line summary; links to wiki for more information]
    • Program Title
      • What it was:
      • Why we did it:
      • Results:
  • 2013 Goals by the Numbers
    • Desktop ADI [Laura]
    • Android ADI [Sam]
    • FirefoxOS [Grace]
  • Press Highlights [Shannon]
    • 2 or 3 major articles
    • Answer the "So what?" question of why these particular articles were important to the Project
  • Lighting Spotlight [written by owner of the project]
    • Delve into someone's job/project that would be interesting for all Mozillians to know.
      • Examples:
      • How do we use Social Media & Why
      • When do we use Email vs. Social Media
      • One Mozilla Style Guide
      • How to make a good demo
      • Exciting Community highlight
  • What's Up Next [Jess]
    • 2 sentences about what's up for next month (with links to their wiki project pages)
    • Links to wiki to find out more about Engagement