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We are the Mozilla Issues Agenda Durable Team. Our goal is to activate the Mozilla Issues Agenda by driving and supporting content creation and marketing campaigns that will make the issues mainstream and raise awareness about Mozilla’s role among our key audience.

Key Q2 2016 Initiatives

  • 1 - Elevate encryption to a mainstream issue
  • 2 - Grow Mozilla’s influence by getting our Issues Agenda into the mainstream conversation

Relevant Links

Sprint Meetings

Sprints are now 2 1/2 weeks long with a day set aside for planning, a day set aside for all marketing sprints review and a day off for functional work.

Meeting Time and Days Attendees Notes
Sprint Planning Meeting Every Third Thursday Core Team is required This meeting lasts as long as it takes
Sprint Starts Every Third Monday Core Team There is a break from the sprint planning meeting to the beginning of the sprint
Daily Stand-Ups (15 minutes only) 9am Pacific Everyday Core Team is required Anyone is welcome to listen, but may not speak, take all questions offline to Jenny or Chris
Sprint Review Meeting  ?:??am Pacific Every Third Wednesday Everyone is welcome This is where we show the work completed in the sprint, it's a place to ask questions and give feedback
Sprint Retrospective Meeting end of Sprint Core Team Only No One else is invited to this meeting
  • All Meetings are in Mike Alexis's Vidyo
  • if you have questions about these meetings, please contact Jenny


  • Greg Jost
  • Mike Alexis
  • Kevin Fann
  • M.J. Kelly
  • Laura Napoli
  • Shez Prasad
  • Michaela Smiley