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The Overview

  • bugzilla
    • [dkl] released upstream bugzilla (security release)
      • dkl celebrated a successful release by getting wrist broken
    • [glob] gmail threading investigation
    • [glob] lots of pulse/push work
  • bughunter
    • [bc+jeads] preparation continues for presentation/training sessions later this week
    • [jeads] several improvements to the UI regarding url resubmissions
  • marionette
    • [mdas+jgriffin] marionette-gaia tests now running green against b2g (
    • [mdas+jgriffin] completed content management support via finishing switch_to_window support
    • [mdas+jgriffin] marionette hanging bug fixed (bug 721260)
    • [jgriffin] investigating using jenkins for automation instead of the current system of gitbuilder/autolog
    • [mdas+jgriffin] documentation and code cleanup in preparation for security review (13th feb)
  • fennec ARMv6 (bug 697205)
    • [ted] tracked down linker problem
    • [ted] bug 723939, closers to having a working build!
  • signal from noise
    • [jmaher] moving first round of changes from side by side to production
    • [jmaher] still experimenting with the best ways to run or figure out reliability
    • [jmaher] mocking up new UI to make graph server easier to use
    • [jmaher] discussions with metrics regarding what to do with the data (statistically speaking)
    • [jeads] started building new webservice/model layer to enable sharing of model methods and sql across web service and server side scripts
  • graphserver
    • [jhammel+jeads] discussions regarding end-to-end architecture
    • [jhammel] working on several bugs gradually moving towards schema improvements and statistics package backing
  • mobile automation
    • [jmaher] Robocop headaches might be a thing of the past, waiting on releng to finish staging and turn on
    • [jmaher] Developers writing robocop tests!
    • [jmaher] Robocop/Talos tests will be moving into staging in the next week
    • [jmaher] Panda Boards are moving to the next stage
    • [ctalbert and mcote] got mobile startup automation running
  • Eideticker (
    • [wlach] Helping to set up Eideticker machine in MV with ctalbert (unfortunately there seems to be some issues with the capture card).
    • [wlach] More work on automation to get an "Eideticker dashboard" going (WIP)
      • will run tests against the latest Fennec nightlies/auroras/betas and follow any regressions/improvements
      • will probably be a static web site hosted somewhere when done
  • Ateam Services
    • [bc] hoping for movement on the Ateam development vlan in order to start creation of the experimental and development versions of our webhead, logparser and es instances
  • jetperf harness (
    • [jhammel] in a beta state (runs, seems to do what it is told)
    • [jhammel] started discussions regarding integration with buildbot and graphserver
  • peptest
    • [mcote] Fixes to mozbase to support proxying; discovered and fixed some Python-2.4 incompatibilities

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table

  • Next week's MC?
  • Any volunteers who want to break Firefox for a Talos experiment? (wlach to take it on!)