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The Overview

  • bugzilla
    • [dkl] Implemented AutoLand BMO extension for Lukas Blakk for integrating with Auto Try system (under review)
    • [glob] more push work (
    • [glob] tweaked bmo's memory usage, no longer recompiling perl with each request
    • [glob] minor bmo updates (added 'cc count' column to bug lists, added sort-by-bug to user-activity-report)
    • [glob+dkl] administrative work, as always :)
  • bughunter
    • [bc] Presented to the security and qa teams on friday.
    • [jeads] Fixed some more bugs
    • [jeads] Gave two presentations on bughunter on Mountain View (QA) and Santa Cruz (security). Good feedback coming in.
  • marionette (
    • [mdas] Heavily updated documentation and comments
    • [mdas] Updated it so it loads as a component only if it is enabled via a build-flag and a pref is set
    • [mdas] added a 'make test' command to make it easier for the b2g guys to start testing with it.
    • [mdas] Added logging, so test users can add their own log messages (
    • [jgriffon] Many small bug fixes and improvements to make writing tests and running them easier and more reliable.
    • [jgriffon] Worked with QA to write some mozTelephony tests.
    • [jgriffon] Security review next Monday.
    • [jgriffon] Have a local copy of Jenkins running B2G builds and Marionette tests; will set up a production copy on EC2 next week, then work on re-purposing the existing gitbuilder machine as a Jenkins node that will perform automatic merges from m-c into B2G.
  • pulse
    • [jgriffon] Work on setting up Nagios monitoring for pulse.
    • [jgriffon] Work on developing scripts to automatically identify mis-behaving pulse queues, which historically seem to have been the biggest source of problems.
    • [jgriffon] Trying to identify a better way of publishing buildbot messages to pulse that won't break consumers by unpredictable changes.
  • fennec ARMv6 (bug 697205)
    • [ted] got an armv6 build successfully up and running with some local patches, just need to get things landed and then it's in RelEng's hands.
  • signal from noise
    • [jmaher] starting to get clarity on limitations of how to run tests
    • [jmaher] first side by side staging is done, will reconfig early in the week
    • [jmaher+jhammel] lots of churn on cleaning up talos configuration and result parsing
    • [jhammel] Added user configurable data filters to talos (bug 723569). Interim step to moving all data processing out of Talos.
    • [jeads] Some headway in converting some bughunter javascript to work with s4n
    • [jeads] Got 4 hosted VM's from IT for use with s4n
  • graphserver
    • [jhammel] talked with armen, jeads, and jmaher about plans for graphserver-next. Agreed on some fundamental architecture decisions:
      • We should be sending all data to graphsever
      • There should be a configurable way to apply filters and drill in to the data (jeads is working on the UI)
      • The schema needs to be reworked to both make sense and be more flexible
  • mobile automation
    • [jmaher] robocop is landed and live on tbpl
    • [jmaher] working on updating the foopies (mobile device masters) with updated talos and toolchains
    • [jmaher] will turn on talos robocop tests hopefully next week
    • [jmaher+wlach] evaluating panda boards, working on getting builds and installation steps defined (
    • [mcote] made some much nicer looking graphs (
    • [mcote] updated the raw-fennec-start web UI. After some failed attempts at rooting phones, got the real-phone automation system ("autophone") running and making improvements on it.
  • Ateam Services
    • [bc] Waiting on network configuration changes in Phoenix.
  • jetperf harness (
    • [jhammel] In beta state but good enough for production.
    • [jhammel] next steps: adding to buildbot and graphserver (though no concrete work there yet).
  • peptest
    • [mcote] Prerequisite mozbase changes landed. Submitting a patch for peptest itself shortly.

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

  • Next week's MC?
    • Next week is a holiday. So jeads will catch us up at the next meeting, Feb 27.
    • We're going to try to pin Jgriffin down after that for the one following.