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P1-2 bugs

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ID Priority Component Summary Assigned to
1753211 P1 Treeherder: Frontend custom backfills broke: YAML Error: Function yaml.safeLoad is removed in js-yaml 4. Use yaml.load instead, which is now safe by default. Sebastian Hengst [:aryx] (needinfo me if it's about an intermittent or backout)
1681172 P1 Treeherder potentially skip parsing error logs and lines above a certain size
1669548 P1 Treeherder: API Add an API to get task IDs, durations, results, and classifications from a given push
1636506 P1 Treeherder: API API to determine which tests a task executed
1331399 P1 Treeherder: Frontend The way we store job information on the front end is inefficient, wasting 10s of MB of memory (or more)
1499551 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Treeherder consuming much memory/RAM (and CPU due to GC/garbage collection?)
1507454 P1 Treeherder: Frontend "Bad Request Error parsing headers: 'limit request headers fields size'" due to hundreds of com.auth0.auth cookies
1562017 P1 Treeherder: Infrastructure Test out idea to use database replica for get requests
1523698 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Treeherder tabs in the background jank the content process very often.
1281850 P1 Treeherder: Infrastructure Switch to the new style New Relic alerts
1631860 P1 Treeherder Problem in log parser?
1530607 P1 Treeherder Stop using ajv in custom actions to avoid the need for script-src 'unsafe-eval'
1506627 P1 Treeherder Selecting lines and then scrolling out of view (e.g. to select more than screen can display) prevents copying selected text
1643117 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Login improvements
1617622 P1 Treeherder create view in treeherder to aid in verifying infrastructure changes Suyash Salampuria
1513597 P2 Treeherder: Frontend Fix/enable ESLint react/forbid-prop-types Bola Buari [:bolah2009]
1296077 P2 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Jobs stuck in the "running" state Kyle Lahnakoski [:ekyle]
1610347 P2 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Extract jobs/perf/alerts to BIgQuery Kyle Lahnakoski [:ekyle]
1416266 P2 Treeherder [Meta] Make the Treeherder contributing experience less painful Karl Thiessen [:kthiessen, he/him]
1565667 P2 Treeherder: Frontend Write tests against front-end and back-end retriggering/add new jobs code
1599077 P2 Treeherder: API Push causes 503 error
1563836 P2 Treeherder: Frontend Task sometimes shown multiple times
1578524 P2 Treeherder: Frontend Infra menu > Taskcluster Diagnostics line points to non-existant heroku app
1580433 P2 Treeherder: Frontend very low contrast between pending job and gray hover background of odd (white line of not highlighted), difficult to read and pin pending jobs
1597519 P2 Treeherder: Frontend "Job details" pane to show link to Taskcluster artifacts instead of listing each one of them
1612022 P2 Treeherder: Frontend Job selection is too brittle
1587420 P2 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Failure lines not being cleaned up
1368985 P2 Treeherder: Data Ingestion job_loader:MissingPushException: No push found in {go-bouncer,socorro} for revision X
1612107 P2 Treeherder: API Switch from CoreApi to OpenApi for Django Rest Framework
1224931 P2 Treeherder log-parser "ProgrammingError: (1064, "syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting $end")"
1599095 P2 Treeherder: Infrastructure [meta] Treeherder database improvements
1407377 P2 Treeherder: Infrastructure [meta] Triage the top N web and worker New Relic slow transactions to find quick wins
1698018 P2 Treeherder Update defaults for custom backfill option
1616777 P2 Treeherder Pin most used items in dropdown for Graph / Add test data
1594822 P2 Treeherder Remove crossreference queues and tasks if no longer needed
1594565 P2 Treeherder Treeherder spends a 2+ seconds in JS
1570874 P2 Treeherder Remove unused parameters from static JobModel.retrigger() method
1563371 P2 Treeherder NSS and NSS-Try on Treeherder can't cancel or retrigger jobs
1426746 P2 Treeherder Add JS tests for the Taskcluster backfilling/custom action/... features
1276532 P2 Treeherder Bug summary missing in autoclassification
1602781 P2 Treeherder: Infrastructure Investigate MySql 8 upgrade Suyash Salampuria

Needing triage

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Full Query
ID Component Summary
1299274 Treeherder Improve the classification of intermittent failures that aren't associated with just one test
1403089 Treeherder Add a leading '/' to bug filer filename searches to refine results
1422988 Treeherder Failure suggestions depending on multiple lines
1521032 Treeherder Batch together successive retrigger requests into a single (or minimal) action task submission.
1524895 Treeherder Add a shortcut to retrigger a job X 'times' with minimal numbers of action tasks
1524905 Treeherder Warn users when they request excessive numbers of new jobs in suboptimal ways
1525121 Treeherder long pinned job names shouldn't wrap onto two/2 lines
1549756 Treeherder Treeherder is slow when clicking on a particular failure, usually I get the yellow bar in Firefox asking me to close the tab treeherder is running in
1563379 Treeherder make "Add New Jobs (Search)" do a better job matching and sorting results
1572224 Treeherder "Add new jobs (Search)" should be able to filter by tier
1574033 Treeherder The "prefix" from task logs should be extracted along the log line
1577647 Treeherder match for failure line part at a position where it doesn't match
1580428 Treeherder No jobs pinned for 'Pin all available jobs in this push' action if more than 500 jobs visible for push - error message: 'Max pinboard size of 500 reached.'
1583669 Treeherder When reporting intermittent test failure bugs, link to advice on tests
1586980 Treeherder Can we suggest that someone run ci-admin when requests to retrigger/rerun/backfill jobs responds with "No such hook"?
1592327 Treeherder retriggering at least the decision task seems to be broken
1594967 Treeherder When filing bugs on intermittents failing test-verify, use a test-verify-failure keyword
1607253 Treeherder Support viewing structured logs (with accurate timestamps) in log viewer
1616518 Treeherder Make firefox: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0. errors classifiable by sheriffs
1619761 Treeherder When choosing end date for Date Picker, should focus "update" button
1619769 Treeherder After entering table view in Intermittent Failures View, the title should be on focus
1621513 Treeherder taskid and task are null when retrigger button is clicked in DetailsPanel ActionBar
1631540 Treeherder [meta] Transition from term Job to Task in UI, code and DB
1631549 Treeherder Models and Databases should be changed to use term `task` instead of `job`
1631828 Treeherder Highlight "Mozilla crash reason"
1635586 Treeherder tables build_platform and machine_platform have many outdated entries
1637022 Treeherder Crossreference warnings
1637366 Treeherder Fix timezone issues in test_extract_job
1640209 Treeherder inverse exact matching is broken
1642970 Treeherder Intermittent Logviewer identifies failure in line 27239 but the first line displayed in 654705 - incomplete log displayed in log viewer
1644236 Treeherder Failure Summary tab consumes more vertical space for failure suggestions, requires more scrolling and makes it easier to miss real issue
1644853 Treeherder Failure Summary tab should mention if there are no lines for the failure summary available
1646502 Treeherder [meta] Simplify log parsing - switch to artifacts for Perfherder data and failure lines
1646809 Treeherder TreeHerder invalidates auth credentials after a few hours
1648694 Treeherder Backfill 20 jobs by default
1649551 Treeherder add job_type_id to performance_signature table
1653058 Treeherder Allow sheriffs to identify that a current push is waiting on tasks from prior push(es)
1657137 Treeherder job backfills should not extend default taskgroup created for push
1662342 Treeherder Provide informative error message telling user to wait for the gecko decision task to complete before adding tasks
1663689 Treeherder using spacebar to pin task to list of tasks to classify instantly classifies it as intermittent without bug number if suggestion used before
1669931 Treeherder Treeherder should show name of failing test case
1670071 Treeherder add permission to rerun all tasks on mobile trees
1673014 Treeherder if failure continues test name and there are too many bug suggestions for the test name, also search for the path to prevent no bug suggestions and message "Exceeded max 20 bug suggestions, most of which are likely false positives."
1673045 Treeherder Increase limit on how many pushes a task can be backfilled, e.g. to the span of two backstops distance (currently 39)
1674462 Treeherder don't set a priority and severity for bugs filed for crashes in automation
1677228 Treeherder Can't trigger test-verify on mac debug for test docshell/test/navigation/test_sessionhistory.html
1678329 Treeherder Retrigger button should use 'retrigger' action instead of 'retrigger-multiple'
1681709 Treeherder "filter by this test path" button drops showing all result states if passed with reuse of parameter instead of comma separated, links in 'Test Groups' work as expected
1682770 Treeherder Logviewer adds/removes scrollbar at certain window sizes causing constant jiggle
1682952 Treeherder provide informative error message if bug filer passes in a bug via "Regressed by" which Treeherder cannot access. Currently: Treeherder Bug Filer API returned status 500(There was a problem retrieving the data. Please try again in a minute.)
1683233 Treeherder failed tasks should go away or change color if they've been retriggered
1683668 Treeherder Add scroll bar to job info panel
1684418 Treeherder Find job instance not working for "in progress" jobs
1685205 Treeherder s/th_admin/th_app/
1686935 Treeherder provide more informative error message if comment in bug filer is too long (Bug Filer API returned status 500)
1687114 Treeherder button to filter by test manifest should verify folder depth by comparing shortened path to test manifests
1690994 Treeherder Document WSL2 workaround
1696891 Treeherder Log viewer of try-comm-central (and probably others) occasionally shows very fluctuating display
1697512 Treeherder UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer errors should be highlighted
1702455 Treeherder log viewer first 1m+ lines not shown
1704135 Treeherder Send an email when try decision task fails
1705398 Treeherder Prevent the "Generate performance profile" button from appearing on vismet tasks
1706029 Treeherder backfills of backfills should keep the same task label, and not use the revision from the push of the backfilled task which gets backfilled
1710717 Treeherder check if JobPagination should switch away from CustomPagination
1712169 Treeherder let execution of tests in tests/webapp/ with test folder provided pass
1712378 Treeherder installing tox dependencies for testing fails: ERROR: In --require-hashes mode, all requirements must have their versions pinned with ==. These do not: win32-setctime>=1.0.0
1730922 Treeherder explain why bug created from Treeherder is set as security bug
1731012 Treeherder Sometimes PLDHashTable is falsely blamed for test failures.
1736065 Treeherder after removing enzyme from all tests, bugfiler has a few tests which are not ported over
1737379 Treeherder accessing talos performance profiles from treeherder is confusing
1739485 Treeherder remove revision.txt because it has been replaced with __version__ page and doesn't provide information about current deployment anymore
1742148 Treeherder executing test folders or tests standalone causes failures if 'reverse' from django.urls gets used
1742459 Treeherder 'Please enter a valid bug number' sometimes shown when bug number pasted and Enter key pressed
1743174 Treeherder add more AddressSanitizer (ASan) related keywords for which newly created bugs shall be set as restricted
1749962 Treeherder Losing Treeherder authentication every few hours
1752821 Treeherder remove old autoclassification code including its table and text_log_step table
1754698 Treeherder "Create Interactive Task" on Treeherder for docker workers fails to set certain environment variables
1755334 Treeherder Treeherder frontend fails to launch in local development environment: frontend exited with code 0: The command moved into a separate package: @webpack-cli/serve
1763169 Treeherder Support testing environment for mozci classifications
1763795 Treeherder Log parsing backlogged, logs waiting to get parsed
1778092 Treeherder intermittent commenter should only comment about sheriffed repositories and Try
1784373 Treeherder also support 'intermittent' icon for tasks without group symbol
1573686 Treeherder: API Need an index that will speed up the normal API query for jobs
1589127 Treeherder: API BugzillaViewSet.create should return the BZ url to the new bug
1631546 Treeherder: API Create a version 2 of our API that uses the term `task` instead of `job`
1633983 Treeherder: API Frequent HTTP 503 errors from /jobs/?result_set_id=694392&job_type_symbol=ss&job_group_symbol=M
1671765 Treeherder: API Change django.conf.urls.url() to django.urls.re_path()
1680529 Treeherder: API error summary files have `duration` for lines containing `action: group_result`, make this available via API
1748445 Treeherder: API log not scrolling to first failure because server is too slow to respond with failure lines for task in 30 seconds
1772135 Treeherder: API local treeherder development instance should only proxy API requests if configured for it, .env file with only PROJECTS_TO_INGEST set should yield Treeherder frontend without pushes
1637382 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Extraction test is broken
1641304 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Storing FailureLines should validate that the value of the action field is supported
1644219 Treeherder: Data Ingestion MissingPushException is concerning when it need not be
1645202 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Some jobs never end, or so it seems
1652350 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Too many "NoneType: None" in logs
1652931 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Investigated increased limit of failure lines stored per task (210 instead of 100 failure lines)
1654643 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Ingest test groups metadata (a.k.a. MOZHARNESS_TEST_PATHS)
1656343 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Investigate improving performance of store-pulse-tasks
1687035 Treeherder: Data Ingestion task result status changed from 'testfailed', 'busted' etc. if it gets retried, gets set to 'retry'
1704525 Treeherder: Data Ingestion also ingest bugzilla product and component of intermittent bugs for use in dashboards
1710789 Treeherder: Data Ingestion netwerk/test/unit/xpcshell.ini only listed in one of the tasks in the group_results API, even though it run in many
1712192 Treeherder: Data Ingestion PROJECTS_TO_INGEST should require exact match on repository name, currently does substring match
1717128 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Treeherder repeatedly falling behind with ingestion of data from Pulse/Taskcluster
1616320 Treeherder: Frontend 'Collapse' button/switch to group successful tasks behind '+X' doesn't work if tasks loaded in expanded state
1616321 Treeherder: Frontend 1 successful task shouldn't be treated as group in collapsed state but as task to keep chronological task ordering (indistinguishable from expanded state)
1616799 Treeherder: Frontend "(sig)" link to filter by unique task signature should be update if current view changes
1617224 Treeherder: Frontend Make decision task retrigger fail with a nice error rather than "Unable to retrigger/add job. Taskcluster: can't access property "id", c[e] is undefined"
1620138 Treeherder: Frontend Progress meter shouldn't count tasks for tiers that aren't displayed
1623532 Treeherder: Frontend Treeherder push updates are not working with Firefox ESR 68
1626299 Treeherder: Frontend Treeherder job view (default view) depends on colours for status which fails for users in high contrast mode
1626407 Treeherder: Frontend Improve UI for custom actions
1629131 Treeherder: Frontend Add a link to a rich log viewer for logs in the job detail page.
1629296 Treeherder: Frontend Error fetching runnable jobs: Failed to fetch task ID (TypeError: e is undefined)
1637596 Treeherder: Frontend Speed up fuzzy add new jobs finder
1638316 Treeherder: Frontend Add a toggle to show replaced tasks
1640322 Treeherder: Frontend [meta] UX/UI improvements
1640616 Treeherder: Frontend Going from a set of revisions to a single revision takes abnormally long time
1640673 Treeherder: Frontend Add ability to filter pushes by commit message
1641263 Treeherder: Frontend Fixed by commit should permit marking commits that are not the tipmost of a push
1642049 Treeherder: Frontend Filtering by date range shows results for the wrong dates
1643396 Treeherder: Frontend Treeherder term of "Raw Log" confusing in a Taskcluster context
1646233 Treeherder: Frontend author query string should persist when user changes repositories
1648878 Treeherder: Frontend Allow the Fuzzy Job Finder to use the new Fuzzy search operators
1649665 Treeherder: Frontend Range gets reset when having a range selected and one clicks on the job filter for the top push
1653309 Treeherder: Frontend Show at least partial artifact paths in details pane.
1653775 Treeherder: Frontend Add new jobs search is too weak
1654784 Treeherder: Frontend Specific push doesn't seem to load
1655379 Treeherder: Frontend The div wrapping the job list should not have role="button"
1656020 Treeherder: Frontend allow filtering by chunk number
1656021 Treeherder: Frontend support filtering by test group name
1657921 Treeherder: Frontend Show a "merge candidate" indicator on pushes which can be merge candidates
1658003 Treeherder: Frontend TreeHerder sometimes spawns three taskcluster "log in" windows
1665523 Treeherder: Frontend Runnable jobs not showing when using test path filtering
1668384 Treeherder: Frontend Filter by test path not working
1669513 Treeherder: Frontend Backfilled tasks are filtered out by Test Groups/Test path filter
1670409 Treeherder: Frontend Clicking on failures on expanded view doesn't keep focus on failure
1670804 Treeherder: Frontend Add a way to trigger "mach try fuzzy --preset" and "mach try auto" from the Treeherder interface
1674961 Treeherder: Frontend User Guide page is not scroll-able (no scroll bar)
1675882 Treeherder: Frontend treeherder page sometimes reloading
1676994 Treeherder: Frontend other repositories linked in 'Repos' submenu shouldn't contain parameter to select task because it doesn't exist
1678285 Treeherder: Frontend tooltip for commit can lose/forget bug summary
1678289 Treeherder: Frontend click on 'tab' in Treeherder page with current treename removes filters from url but doesn't update view
1683415 Treeherder: Frontend Better Support for Tsan Workflow
1685138 Treeherder: Frontend Don't allow creating interactive tasks for non logged-in users
1689117 Treeherder: Frontend Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop `children` supplied to `ErrorBoundary`. in push-health
1689668 Treeherder: Frontend Missing links to profiles in treeherder T-prof job Performance panel
1697297 Treeherder: Frontend show total job count
1698220 Treeherder: Frontend test_path filter not working for a task on 12744d62ec8944fe64bb028a68bcab2c4665cf7b
1710786 Treeherder: Frontend test_path filter not working for a task on 4fabf90e7df179145603831d4a5c4166040b5868
1714033 Treeherder: Frontend Find a way to better expose complex filtering and add documentation.
1714108 Treeherder: Frontend "add new jobs" sometimes doesn't work
1716039 Treeherder: Frontend add tabular view of changelog API data
1724883 Treeherder: Frontend Show closed bugs strikethrough as it's done in Bugzilla
1734465 Treeherder: Frontend integrate release graph presentation into Treeherder: show count of failed tasks from release graph which still need a successful run and have option to highlight or rerun them
1736403 Treeherder: Frontend consider removing references to internal react variable: '__reactInternalInstance$'
1739153 Treeherder: Frontend primary toolbar sometimes lost / sliding out of view
1745936 Treeherder: Frontend provide feature to select text in log viewer and transfer it to bug filer's description field in other tab
1746673 Treeherder: Frontend Color-code oranges by how good of a match existing bugs are to them
1753952 Treeherder: Frontend macOS 11 jobs should indicate they're ARM/M1-based
1760913 Treeherder: Frontend "Add new jobs (Search)" with "xpcshell" doesn't show any of the Android tests
1761668 Treeherder: Frontend treeherder UX failure with long changeset description containing many bug links
1762914 Treeherder: Frontend Failure summary fails to load data for some jobs and says empty
1765877 Treeherder: Frontend TreeHerder row gets shorter when you click on a job in that row and its letter gets bigger
1766520 Treeherder: Frontend TreeHerder row gets shorter when you expand a collapsed section
1775055 Treeherder: Frontend When mozci changes its mind, overwrite classification
1776440 Treeherder: Frontend better classification for artifacts
1778941 Treeherder: Frontend failure lines sometimes fail to load
1782215 Treeherder: Frontend logging into Treeherder opens new tab with autoland
1599094 Treeherder: Infrastructure Removing performance signatures takes very long
1602847 Treeherder: Infrastructure Replicate Treeherder to BigQuery
1636570 Treeherder: Infrastructure Investigate CSP violations

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