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Treeherder is a reporting dashboard for checkins to Mozilla projects (for example, mozilla-central). It allows users to see the results of automatic builds and their respective tests. Treeherder also provides a rich set of APIs that can be used by other projects interested in this information.

Treeherder is the successor to TBPL.

For tracking performance data, see Treeherder's sister project, Perfherder.


To make UI changes, in many cases you only need to perform a very simple setup running a local webserver pointing at the production instance, described here. If you wish to hack on the backend, or the UI and backend together, you will instead need to set up a Vagrant environment, using these steps.

Source and Docs

Getting in touch

What we're working on

Assigned Treeherder bugs that have been modified in the last month. View on Bugzilla

Full Query
ID Priority Component Summary Assigned to
1459183 -- Treeherder: Log Parsing & Classification single character not highlighted in bold as matching anymore Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1450022 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Convert Pinboard to ReactJS Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1450023 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Convert Tab Controller to ReactJS Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1450039 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Convert Models for accessing API data to ReactJS Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1364894 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Update Neutrino from v4 to v8 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1458851 P1 Treeherder: Infrastructure Massive spike in log parser crossreference_error_lines mozlog "KeyError: 'process'" George Hickman
1460393 P2 Treeherder: Frontend Huge values for Duration under Similar Jobs Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1413542 P2 Treeherder: Infrastructure Update Treeherder RDS instances from MySQL 5.7.17 to 5.7.21 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1463079 P2 Treeherder: Frontend Update to AngularJS 1.7 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1409103 P3 Treeherder: Frontend [meta] Migrate from AngularJS to React Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1416266 P3 Treeherder: Docs & Development [Meta] Make the Treeherder contributing experience less painful Ed Morley [:emorley]

Recent changes

Bugs fixed in the last 14 days. View on Bugzilla

Full Query
ID Component Summary Assigned to
1317752 Treeherder: Docs & Development Allow logging into Treeherder when pointing the UI at the stage/prod API Ed Morley [:emorley]
1363722 Treeherder: Docs & Development Make webpack-dev-server work with authentication when using a local API instance Ed Morley [:emorley]
1420941 Treeherder: Docs & Development Make it harder to forget to run Vagrant provision regularly Ed Morley [:emorley]
1459148 Treeherder: Docs & Development Update geckodriver to 0.20.1 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1459150 Treeherder: Docs & Development Update to pip 10 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1461649 Treeherder: Docs & Development webpack-dev-server doesn't detect file changes when run inside the Vagrant VM Ed Morley [:emorley]
1460218 Treeherder: Frontend Update to Node 10 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1462267 Treeherder: Frontend Remove unnecessary react-test-renderer devDependency Ed Morley [:emorley]
1462625 Treeherder: Frontend buildbot jobs don't load summaries anymore Ed Morley [:emorley]
1452938 Treeherder Add mozilla-esr60 and comm-esr60 to treeherder Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo]