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Treeherder is a reporting dashboard for checkins to Mozilla projects (for example, mozilla-central). It allows users to see the results of automatic builds and their respective tests. Treeherder also provides a rich set of APIs that can be used by other projects interested in this information.

Treeherder is the successor to TBPL.

For tracking performance data, see Treeherder's sister project, Perfherder.

For tracking intermittent test failures, see Intermittent Failures View.


To make UI-only changes, you only need to perform a very simple setup running a local webserver pointing at the production backend, described here. If you wish to hack on the backend, or the UI and backend together, you will instead need to set up a Vagrant environment, using these steps.

Source and Docs

  • UI & backend: Source / Docs
  • Treeherder data submission clients:
    • Pulse: Source / docs
    • (Python and Node submission support has been removed.)

Getting in touch

What we're working on

Assigned Treeherder bugs that have been modified in the last month. View on Bugzilla

Full Query
ID Priority Component Summary Assigned to
1342296 P1 Treeherder [meta] Cleanup or eliminate job_detail table Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1603249 P1 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Do not store "artifact uploaded" into JobDetail table Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1611334 P2 Treeherder: Test-based View Decommission Test-View in preference to Push Health Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1605426 P2 Treeherder: API The jobs endpoint should support using task_id and run Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1620648 P2 Treeherder: API Switch Github authentication from OAuth key/secret pair to token approach Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1602781 P2 Treeherder: Infrastructure Investigate MySql 8 upgrade suyash546
1627043 P3 Treeherder: Infrastructure Figure out a plan to test Heroku Review apps Armen [:armenzg]
1621961 P3 Treeherder: Job Triggering & Cancellation Make use of perf framework context Kimberly Sereduck :kimberlythegeek
1530965 P3 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Combine the pulse_listener_jobs and pulse_listener_pushes commands Shubhank Saxena
1367153 P3 Treeherder: API [graphql] Ensure schema can return the data that the Job Details panel needs to make Shubhank Saxena
1599859 P3 Treeherder: Infrastructure Delete pushes older than a year Shubhank Saxena
1621938 P3 Treeherder: Data Ingestion decide how to handle huge logs from isolation tasks Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1621728 P3 Treeherder: Docs & Development Add a section to the docs on writing tests Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1617674 -- Treeherder: Infrastructure Review jobs in bigquery Sebastian Hengst [:aryx] (needinfo on intermittent or backout)
1627271 -- Treeherder: Frontend 'Similar Jobs' tab should be ordered by push first and then by start time Sebastian Hengst [:aryx] (needinfo on intermittent or backout)