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File Upload

  • 12/15/2008 - http://gordon-myers.com/?p=170
    • Notes from Chris Blizzard
    • Can't use width and height to style form control (would be simple and well-understood - could set a minimum size as well)
    • No obvious visual way to clear file value (can do with a button)
    • Use the cancel button in the dialog to clear the value?
    • Instead of using a text box, use a simple box
    • Need docs on how to use file dialog + XHR + progress (see the blog for a code snippit)
  • 4/28/2009 - Matt Mullenweg - uploads suck, show a progress dialog or something even not in content
    • Chunked Uploading (arun)
    • Drag and drop from another web page and desktop

Network Performance (Downloading)

  • Example: zip file to download a huge number of images
  • Degrades nicely and is simple
  • Multipart (from Christian)


DOM Events

Offline Data Access

  • Wordpress - failed to make it into 2.8 - need to understand what they wanted (sounded like caching hints.)


  • Can't load from local file? (willyaranda on irc)
    • To have an access to the "pixels" of a video (via canvas) in a file:// context, this option is needed: security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy: false
  • Dailymotion
  • Would be really nice to be able to pre-buffer specific clips and make it possible to switch between them seamlessly. Would need to be able to have progress events, explicitly pre-buffer and then have a way to specify moving from one clip to the next seamlessly. (We do something similar with images we can pre-buffer.)