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This project is designed to highlight all of the new web developer features in Firefox 3.5 and what you can now do with open web technology. It is developer-focused, not end-user focused.

Every day for 35 days we will:

1. Post one in-depth post about one new developer feature in Firefox 3.5.

2. One demo that shows what you can do with the open web.

(Note: the demo doesn't have to be related to the feature.)

We're trying to get a bunch of developers who aren't directly part of the Mozilla project to help build these demos and show off what we're capable of.


We'd like to start this slightly before we release Firefox 3.5 in order to build up to the release. Given that we will be starting our posts on June 8th.

Dates for the first week are listed in the chart below. If you're posting you should:

  • Have a draft post ready 5 days ahead of the post.
  • Have the final post ready 3 days ahead of the post.

Format and Content

The site that will be hosting this will be a WordPress instance at hacks.mozilla.org, with some old-school Mozilla Project branding. There are both posts that describe features and posts that link to demos - please read below about both types.

Feature Posts

A post that describes a feature should include complete text, videos and other images. Expect to write at least a few paragraphs that describe:

1. How the feature works.

2. How that feature compares to other similar features in other browsers.

3. Includes a demonstration and/or graphics that describe how it works.

4. Links to appropriate documentation in developer.mozilla.org.

Whether you're an active member of the Mozilla project or not we're more than happy to include a note at the top of the post saying who you are and what you do. If you want to include a copy of the post on your own weblog we're also more than happy to link back to your personal or professional weblog in that post. We want to make sure that we're both celebrating the work of individuals and giving credit and traffic where we can. But we also want to make sure that the full text is kept as part of this project as well so expect to make a full cross-post.

Demo Posts

Demo posts should include at least:

1. An image or video of the demo. (For a video include a flash version for fallback for people stuck on IE, Safari and Chrome. Opera is likely to work with Ogg Theora?)

2. If the entire demo can fit into the post, that's great.

3. Most demos are complex enough to need their own pages, so a link to the demo at the top of the post.

4. A high level technical description of how the demo works.

As with the feature posts above, we're happy to link to other people's posts and give a description of who is doing the work. This is about celebrating the awesome work that's going on on the web today and the people at the leading edges.

Also it's fine if demos overlap on features - if you have something cool, just do it. Doesn't matter if it's the same feature as someone else's. Just that it's different and neat.

Getting Involved

For now just add your name to the list of items below if you want to write a post about one of the features or make a demo. There are exactly 35 slots for each, so please don't add for now.

Expect to spend at least a couple of hours on each post or demo. We're looking for quality stuff here so you should be comfortable writing and you should be willing to take the time to research other resources and build graphics to describe the feature.

If we're overloaded with demos we'll set up a queue and go past the 35 days with extra demos. Bonus days, if you will. Or we can move to a contest model where people submit demos and we judge them. But we're not there quite yet.

For more info please ask on the evangelism mailing list.

Feature Matrix (Week 1)

Day Topic Author Editor Status
Mon June 8 createImageData() for canvas Paul Rouget Posted.
Tue June 9 Geolocation Doug Turner Posted.
Wed June 10 text-shadow Frédéric Wenzel Posted.
Thu June 11 Web Fonts John Daggett Posted.
Fri June 12 -moz-box-shadow Frédéric Wenzel Posted.
Sat June 13 DOM Selectors John Resig Posted.

Feature Matrix (Week 2)

Day Topic Author Editor Status
Mon June 15 Media Queries Sheppy Posted.
Tue June 16 Native JSON, getPrototypeOf and other ES5 features Arun Posted.
Wed June 17 ICC Color Correction Jeff Muizelaar Posted.
Thu June 18 Progress for XHR Smaug Olli Pettay, Austin King Posted.
Fri June 19 Node Iterator John Resig Posted.

Feature Matrix (Week 3)

Day Topic Author Editor Status
Mon June 22 MozAfterPaint Robert O'Callahan Posted.
Tue June 23 opacity Blizzard Posted.
Wed June 24 :nth-* Blizzard Posted.
Thu June 25 Storage (localStorage) Jeff Balogh Posted.
Fri June 26 defer on script elements Olivier Rochard Posted.

Feature Matrix (Week 4)

Day Topic Author Editor Status
Mon June 29 word-wrap Initial draft. Les Orchard Posted.
Tue June 30 :first/last/only-of-type Blizzard Posted.
Wed July 1 Input events and DOM timeounts are blocked for sync XHR Doug Turner Posted.

Feature Matrix (Week 5)

Day Topic Author Editor Status
Mon July 6 Cross-site access controls for XHR Arun Posted
Tue July 7 video tag Paul Posted
Wed July 8 Worker Threads Malte Ubl Posted

Feature Matrix (Week 6)

Day Topic Author Editor Status
Mon Jul 13 CSS Transforms Sheppy Posted.
Wed Jul 15 New Drag and Drop API Les Orchard Sheppy Posted.
Fri Jul 16 TraceMonkey David M Arun + Blizzard Posted.

Feature Matrix (Week 7)

Day Topic Author Editor Status
Fri Jul 17 -moz-border-radius updated Zack Weinberg (zwol) Blizzard Asked if he can do it for Wed to post on Fri.
Tue Jul 14 audio tag Blizzard No content yet.
* Offline Support
* ::before and ::after updated
* -moz-border-image Maurice Svay
* -moz-column-rule, (width, style, color, gap) Karl Dubost
* -moz-nativehyperlinktext, -moz-window-shadow, -moz-system-metric, -moz-appearance
* MozMousePixelScroll and Gesture Events
* SVG Effects on HTML
* Text API, Shadow Effects and moz-opaque for Canvas

Demos (Week 1)

Day Demo Author Editor Status
Mon June 8 content aware image resizing : demo, article Stéphane Roucheray Paul Posted.
Tue June 9 Ambient Color with Video Mike Gauthierm & Steven Garrity, silverorange blizzard Posted.
Wed June 10 SVG + Canvas + Animation demo video Mozilla (link to Al MacDonald) blizzard Posted.
Thu June 11 Schrep's old image demo for tracemonkey perf Chris Blizzard Posted.
Fri June 12 Geolocation + OpenStreet map (demo, article) René-Luc D'Hont Paul Posted.
Sat June 13 Font layout with features like moz-box-shadow and text-shadow (font-face + box-shadow + text-shadow) (demo, article) Laurent Jouanneau Paul Posted.

Demos (Week 2)

Day Demo Author Editor Status
Mon June 15 3D cube with CSS with video on one side! Demo Article Zachary Johnson Posted.
Tue June 16 Javascript Audio Interface Al Macdonald Posted.
Wed June 17 Video + CSS3 + SVG Paul Rouget Posted.
Thu June 18 Video - Video with multiple files in Safari and Firefox with fallbacks for video-impared browsers with Cortado or Flash. SUMO team Cheng Wang + Eric Cooper Posted.
Fri June 19 Connecting html5 vidoe to the web. Christopher Blizzard Posted.

Demos (Week 3)

Day Demo Author Editor Status
Mon June 22 Video fallbacks with markup Blizzard Posted.
Tue June 23 3D rendering with svg filters Blizzard Posted.
Wed June 24 Dynamically textured animations in the browser Blizzard Posted.
Thu June 25 The text-shadow spotlight Blizzard Posted.
Fri June 26 Video + Canvas: Andy Warhol effect demo 1 demo 2 Felipe Gomes Posted.

Demos (Week 4)

Day Demo Author Editor Status
Mon June 29 The Potentiality of Web Typography: @font-face and Firefox 3.5 Blizzard Posted.
Tue June 30 Audio tag Ircam team Paul Posted.
Wed July 1 CSS Media Queries Daniel Glazman Posted.

Demos (Week 5)

Day Demo Author Editor Status
Tue July 7 :nth-* + :first/last/only-of-type, Article, Demo Ivan Enderlin Posted.

Demos (Week 6)

Day Demo Author Editor Status
Mon July 13 CSS3 Columns on the Web Karl Dubost Blizzard Posted.
Wed July 15 Border radius fun in Firefox 3.5 demo Chee Aun Lim Blizzard Posted.
Thu July 16 Change is here: new chapter of web design Yasuhisa Hasegawa Gen + Chris Palmieri Have rough text, feedback sent, need bio, link and translation.

Demos (Week 7)

Day Demo Author Editor Status
* Dynamic Content Injection Paul Rouget
Week 3 CSS Transforms Daniel Glazman
* localStorage Arun
Fri June 19 Canvas: Text API + Shadow Effects + moz-opaque David Bengoa No demo and no article yet
Drag and Drop outline editing Les Orchard
end of month Video + Audio (todo) Paul Rouget
end of month Geolocation + Canvas (todo) Paul Rouget demo in progress
* Video + Canvas Paul Rouget