Event - Firefox Live 2/meetings/2011-10-31

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  • williamr
  • ckoehler


  • Updates from Christie:
    • Working with IT/Ooyala to get stream(s) configured for Zoo.
    • Outstanding questions for Rich include
      • pricing on mobile streams
      • mobile ux if we don't offer mobile streams
      • ability to modify contract mid-campaign
  • Updates from William:
  • Other?
  • Questions:
    • How close are we to QA review?

Timeline: [1]


  • L10N: Will start translating tomorrow (Tuesday). We lost one weekend but team is confident they can make it work.
  • Outstanding Q for Steven: video channel controls? simple english and en-gb?
  • williamr confirmed that only going to show non-FF overlay once — waiting to get confirmation
  • beard wants to add an overlay at somepoint for people who are running an old version of FF (not for launch; will add at a later stage)

Action Items

  • ckoehler to follow up with sgarrity in the am
  • ckoehler to work with IT to set up streams for zoo for Wednesday
  • william to draft tweets & other promo items (blog post etc)