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The Telemetry wiki page has more information about using Telemetry -- this page describes the Event Telemetry project.


There is a common need across teams (fx-team, mobile, test-pilot, heartbeat, …) to have a mechanism for recording, storing, sending & analysing application usage in an event-oriented format. The Data Platform team wants to support this with a common API and mechanisms for dealing with the collected data, without owning the individual measurements. The solution here is to provide common client code, a standard data format, so we can come up with common processes and tooling for data pipeline & analysis work. Historically we already send a form of UITelemetry data, but the current format is too complicated to work with and to maintain.

Goals for Event Telemetry

  • Standardized event format for all pings collecting events (Main Ping, Test Pilot, Shield, Sync, etc.)
  • Expand collection of UI Telemetry to support Product teams
  • Enable top line metrics for 2017
  • Standardized support for analysis of events
  • API support in client for collecting event telemetry


Analysis and Reporting



  • 2016 Q3
  • 2016 Q4
    • Telemetry events on main pings implemented in Firefox
    • Activity Stream submitting events (using common format, in main ping)
    • Event data accessible in Spark
    • Generic Event data table available in re:dash
    • Test Pilot submitting events (using common format)
    • Custom sync ping is submitting events (using common format)
  • 2017 Q1
    • More custom pings submitting events (using common format)
    • Non-specialized, analysis-oriented datasets available
    • Mobile plan (Q1/TBD)
    • Some project (TBD) is on the main ping

Client work

Client Testing


People and Roles

  • Georg Fritzsche (Data Platform, lead)
  • Alessio Placitelli, :Dexter (Data Platform)
  • Mark Reid (Data Platform)
  • Roberto Vitillo (Data Platform)
  • Sunah Suh (Data Platform)
  • Rebecca Weiss (PM)
  • Ilana Segall (Analysis)
  • John Dorlus (Quality Engineering)
  • Thomas Huelbert (project management)