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First Steps

Before decide participate in an event, would be ideal to ask these following questions


  • Do we have local community there?
    • Ideally at least 2 mozillians/reps
  • Costs of the travel and stay
    • check travel options
  • Importance of the event (locally and globally). Usually this has to be inquired if it’s the first time the event take place.


  • Do we have mozillians available that could assist?
    • Are local community aware of this event?
  • Check if there are other event more important for the same dates
    • Does the community are already committed with other events in the same period?
  • Ideal timeline is 2 months to prepare. Try to reject invitation with less than 2 weeks notice


  • Is the audience relevant?
    • What kind of public are the target of the event?
  • Why could be relevant for us?
    • Could we engage with the attendees in any way??
  • If the event is technical: Does it something related to Mozilla and its projects?
    • check for dev-rel calendar, and/or fill a bug under dev-rel
  • Corporate events: Check for the other companies that will assist, and check the event topic to see if it’s something more FLOSS oriented.
    • check for brand events calendar, or dev-rel calendar. Contact owners before fill a bug.


  • Check relation cost/effectiveness of the amount of people
    • Do we have booth?
    • Do we have enough volunteers to help and attend the booth?


  • Is mandatory to participate in the event?
  • What does it includes?
  • Does it includes promotion in the web/media?
  • What does entitle us at the event?? (how many free tickets we have, etc).
  • Booth is included or has to be paid separately?
  • Check the updated branding style
  • After we decide to participate, there are more stuff to be aware:


  • Check deadlines
  • Possible interesting for Mozilla Staff?? (check topic of the event, and/or fill a bug under dev-rel for a mozilla speaker)
  • Time/format of the talk/workshop


  • What sizes are available?
  • Location of the booth at the event
  • Do we have enough mozillians to be at the booth, and participate in the talk/workshop??
  • Set shifts to attend the booth


  • Do we have swag left in the community?
  • Do we need swag for the event?
  • Check to request swag to reps
  • Check swag options, not every swag fits for every event.