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John has been using EduFeedr for a few weeks. For him the most exiting feature is the way how connections between the blogs are presented. EduFeedr has a visualization where all the blogs are displayed as nodes. Lines between the nodes show the links between the blog posts. All the students have linked to the course blog. Some of the student blogs have a lot of connections while others have not been so active.

It is possible to switch on a different view and see who has commented which blog. This time John finds out that some student blogs have actually more comments than his blog.

The same information is also displayed as a table where it is easy to see how many pingbacks and comments each participant has made. EduFeedr has also aggregated all the comments. It means that John can see all comments that one student has made on a same page without visiting all the blogs. This will save him a lot of time, because commenting is part of his grading scheme and students get points for that.

Questions about the scenario

  • Did the scenario wake-up any thoughts?
  • Could you image yourself to the role of the teacher?
  • Is there something you would like to change in the scenario?

Comments from the readers

This seems cool and different from other things I've seen. It would be helpful to see who is truly "active" in the course.


This is almost exactly what I described in my comments to your first scenario ;-) It's getting better and better with each scenario I am reading.


--- This scenario seems the most interesting to me, as it facilitates conversation through the students and give an useful dashboard to the tutors/teachers.