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Important: The development site of EduFeedr has moved to


Short description: EduFeedr is an online feed reader that has special features to support massive open online courses where each participants has a personal blog.

Audience: The main target group are educators who organize open online courses.

Goals: What are you trying to achieve with this project. What are the main benefits for participants?

How does it work?:

It does not work yet. In fact it is in early design phase. We are planning to use scenario-based design as a method for gathering ideas about the system. We will soon post here the following scenarios to get your feedback:

Similar projects:

Basic features are covered by online feed readers such as Google Reader, Pageflakes, Netvibes, etc. None of these has special features for online courses that we plan to include in EduFeedr.

Open Technology

Describe the main tools and applications you intend to use to implement the project. Are they open?

Google Gears for supporting offline work.

Open Content / Licensing

What types of content are you using or producing, and how are they licensed? One type of content is the communication between students and the teacher: the students`s descriptions about their learning process and comments. This content may become itself a subject of copyright but creating this content does not usually need clearing the copyright problem. The other type is learning materials which are a subject of copyright. Do you need to clear copyright for any of them? Are there institutional policies that affect what you can (or cannot) do?

Open Pedagogy

How do participants learn? What forms of assessment are you using? The participants take part in the project by commenting the scenarios: they can suggest ideas to make the scenarios more realistic basing on their teaching experience.

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