FISL:2009:The Fox's Ecosystem: The Mozilla Community in Brazil

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The first ideas for this presentation were discussed in the meetup in São Paulo, on April 18. More informatio here.


Community Events
Level of involvement
Level of Proposal
Andrea Balle e Mario Rinaldi
Users of the Mozilla products that want to know more about the project, as it is being developed in Brazil and how they intend to get involved. people know Firefox and its benefits, regardless of the level of technical knowledge.
Description of talk
Explanation on Mozilla's projects in Brazil and relationships with the project worldwide. What have been made in several aspects, such as development of add-ons, events, marketing activities, internationalization. Presentation of the numbers of users and growth. Overview of the Brazilian community, their participation and the ways in which users can become part and help to free the Web.
Summary of lecture
Actions of Mozilla in Brazil, their numbers and projects under the vision of the community. What has been done, which is planned for the future and how you can take part and help to free the Web.
Andrea Balle and Mario Rinaldi are members of Mozilla's Community in Brazil, acting with internacionalization, events and divulgation. Topics to be covered in this lecture were discussed by the whole community. More information can be viewed on the wiki project Mozilla, the link below: [link to this page]

Ideas for Presentation

  • Focus on local community development, challenges and opportunities. Explore the nature of a distributed project where contributors can help each other and help do the best for the project
  • The support of the Foundation, synergy and support in local events - this can be an area people are interested in learning.
  • Try to highlight achievements, weaknesses, goals, innovation, unique aspects of the brazilian community
  • Keep working on "brazilian DNA"
  • Goals 2010 - what is being developed at the BR community
  • Campus Reps


  • Brazil
    • Marcio Galli
    • Clauber Halic
    • Fernando Silveira
    • Vinicius Medina
    • Bruno Magrani
  • Internacional
    • Alix Franquet
    • Chris Hoffman


  • Google Doc with the sketch of the proposal (english/portuguese)