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[Fennec Native] GA Readiness Review, June 20, 2012

The goal of this meeting is very simple: to be sure all x-functional teams are aligned on required activities in preparation for and on the day of GA and provide a forum for any questions and concerns.

GA Release Schedule

Moco confidential: pls. refer to weekly status email or feel free to contact elancaster directly.

GA Release Criteria

GA Go-To Market Plan

Promotion timeline: ping jfu

Web pages being updated/localized/launched on GA day

NOTE: If there are existing pages that need updating but are not the responsibility of PMM; please state below :)

Product pages:

  • mozilla.org/firefox/fx#mobile
  • mozilla.org/mobile/features
  • mozilla.org/mobile/faq
  • mozilla.org/mobile/platforms
  • mozilla.org/mobile
  • bug 755411 - "About Firefox Beta" Release Notes link is 404
  • bug 756908 - Link to FAQ on About Firefox Beta page points to a missing page

Website promos:

  • mozilla.org
  • Tabzilla

Other Promos

Reddit IamA campaign (Day prior to GA as a primer)

Other recommended Blog Posts & Activities

  • Performance blog post (similar to something like this)
  • Eideticker blog post (William already has this drafted)

List of Benchmarks


  • N.B.: Some of our scores are already better post-FN14. As a general rule, we promote the product we're shipping, not the future. Still, when we compile the details for PR we should include the fact that, for instance, we fail ring mark 0 in FN14, but already pass it on Aurora and Nightly. <== Johnath Speaks
  • Since performance is a large part of our story, we need to have all benchmark numbers ready to go (JS, Eideticker, Ringmark, HTML5)


Clock.png Cnn1.png Cnn2.png

PR Intro Plan

  • Mozilla Blog post
  • Reviewer's Program in progress
  • Friendly reporters will get a head's up
  • FAQ for inbound press questions
  • Press coverage report

Support Plan

-Rating change
-Interesting comments/trending

Issues and Risks


<== This are in progress

  • Web site compatibility effort is ongoing
  • Need to grow add-on developer adoption for compatibility with new architecture
  • Telemetry is disabled for GA due to bug 762620 - Evidence that idle-daily can start misfiring

Success Factors

  • Ratingstrends.png

Bug Metrics and Testing

396 Release Blockers Resolved Since Beta (all inclusive)

Minimum System Requirements and Device Filtering

  • bug 764518 - Fennec Native Go Live: Be sure blocked devices are properly filtered (minimum system requirements, 7" tablets) (edit)
    • Blocking 7" tablets with any OS other than ICS due to Flash support

GA Test Coverage

  • bug 765871 Please test 10.0.5 -> 14.0 (beta 7? RC?) migration one last time Final Migration Verification in progress
  • Test cases based on each functional area will be 100% complete; this includes verification of fixed blockers across a variety of devices, smoke testing, usability, and exploratory testing
  • Installation, update, and migration testing will be 100% complete
  • Google Play pre-testing will be 100% complete

Beta Build Verification Testing/Sign Offs
[5/15] https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/14/Beta/1
[5/18] https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/14/Beta/2
[5/25] https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/14/Beta/3
[6/01] https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/14/Beta/4 & https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/14/Beta/5
[6/8] https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/14/Beta/6
[6/14] https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/14/Beta/7#Native_Fennec_14_Beta_7_Test_Plan_.28build_3.29

Deferred Bugs Scheduled for 14.0.1

Web Compatibility

DOs/DONTs when talking about website compatibility in public

bug 668288 - [meta] Google evangelism issues in Firefox for Android
bug 759986 - [meta] Issues with facebook.com
bug 763510 - [meta] Issues with twitter.com
bug 763512 - [meta] Issues with microsoft.com

Features Summary

  • Performance
  • click-2-play Flash support
  • Readability
  • Refined UI, better tab management,smoother in-content UI
  • Sync
  • Add-On Support


  1. As of June 19th, we are at 4 crashes per 100 ADU
  2. This is down from 22 crashes per 100 adu on May 14th
  3. Criteria for GA is no more than 5 crashes per 100 ADU
  • Crash-stats620.png



  • Fast start up time
  • UI is up and running and ready for user interaction quickly
  • Responsive browsing: page load, panning & zooming performance
  • Better Memory Usage


  • Perception of start-up time is within an acceptable range: continued optimization is planned

“This native version feels ten times faster than the XUL-based version. Starts up very quickly on my old Nexus S”
“Better than Chrome Beta”
“Makes my work much easier”
“Downloading is very stable”
“Love the way it syncs tabs and bookmarks with my laptop”

  • Canvas and Content Rendering

Eideticker Measures What the Users See

CNN.com performance (lower checkerboarding than Chrome, smoother
panning/zooming than any other browser):


Clock benchmark (better canvas framerate than any other browser):


bug 723361 - Benchmarks for native UI launch


Shipping the Following Locales:

  1. English (en-US)
  2. Czech (cs)
  3. Danish (da)
  4. German (de)
  5. Spanish (es-ES)
  6. Finnish (fi)
  7. French (fr)
  8. Japanese (ja)
  9. Korean (ko)
  10. Italian (it)
  11. Norwegian bokmal (nb-NO)
  12. Dutch (nl)
  13. Polish (pl)
  14. Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)
  15. Portuguese (pt-PT)
  16. Russian(ru)

Sync Server High Availability

  • Signed off by Server Ops

Mobile Test Drivers

  • Number of testers: 453 (down from 500 around May 14th)
  • Number of bugs filed to date 158 (this not include bugs filed outside of the MTD form which auto-magically tags them for tracking).
  • Areas of focus: Web compatibility, panning and zooming, flash,
  • Builds released: 2 specific aurora builds with gfx changes we wanted extra validation on. Otherwise, the updater provides a new build every day.
  • We are *keeping* MTD testers on Aurora