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Fennec Native Release [Fx11]

Meeting Notes


  • Decision made to ship off of the Birch branch vs. merging to moz-central anytime soon. It is understood we may be making a trade-off for quality but in the interest of reducing overhead and risking the Q1 2012 ship date, majority votes this is best approach.
  • Christian to circulate a refreshed schedule week ending 11/11
  • The 6 week cycle cutover dates are worth aligning with but at the end of the day, we will do what is best in order to maintain a Q1 2012 ship date since we are building a 1.0.
  • November 11th: check point on the P0's evaluate whether native UI is appropriate for our nightly and aurora audiences
  • November 22nd: drop dead date for nightly/aurora audience cut-over
  • December 20th: need to decide quality criteria for cutting over to the beta audience (p1 features complete) Cut over nightly audience users to the native UI. We need to land on an update policy (2x/week seems like a good target)
  • January 31st: Fx10 may not ship. Stay tuned for Christian's plan.
  • March 13th: Fx11 ships
  • We can merge from moz-central as needed. blassey and dougt will work with legneato when merges need to happen from moz trains.
  • Aurora channel is not on the Android Store; Jay/Johnath agree that the 4-channel model is superfluous for mobile; need to customize for the mobile market. Brand it better: firefox next? 
  • We need to figure out how this impacts l10n

Fx9, Fx10

  • ESR: We need to obtain the final ESR timeline. Targeting Fx9 for the ESR release; we will backport security fixes and possibly other major bug fixes.
  • Fx9: Ship as expected on 12/20; this is the version with the new tablet UI.
  • Fx10: POR as of today is this may not ship; we need to port testers who would usually be focused on Fx10 to the native UI/Fx11. Stay tuned for Christian's plan.
  • Fx9 will likely co-exhist in the Android Marketplace for tablets only when Fx11 (java) ships.

Refresh on Schedule

OffisiteNotes Features


   Dec 2011: Feature Complete


   Jan 30 2012: Beta
   Feb 27 2012: Public Announcement at Mobile World Congress
   March 30 2012: Final Release

2nd Draft of Proposal Review

  • Does this meet our needs for our dependencies on Gecko?
  • Commit to Jan 14th UI and L10N Freeze
  • <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="http://imgur.com/a/IeVHS/embed"></iframe>

Possible Calendar


  • 11/8: Mobile Fx8 Released, Channel Merge, Birch Tree
  • 11/22: P0's Complete, Birch => Moz-Central


  • 12/20: Mobile Fx9 Released, Fx10 Beta, Fx11 Aurora


  • 1/17: Convergence: UI Freeze, l10n kicks off
  • 1/23: Go/No go on Fx10?
  • 1/31: Fx10 Released?, Fx11 Beta, [Fx12? Aurora]


  • 2/1: Readiness Checkpoint (showcase)
  • 2/27: Mobile World Congress


  • 03/13: Final Candidate
  • 03/30: Q4 End