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Daily testing for Firebug + Firefox

  • DONE Text based output rather than JSON, same as mochitest
  • Need a location for setting three values
    • firebug xpi file URL
    • fbtest xpi file URL
    • test suite SVN revision.
  • where to see the results.

1.6 on FF 3.7

  • wrapper problem already being worked on
  • command line debug problem.


  • Accelerated 1.7 work to get Firebug for Fennec
    • DONE: firebug.js namespace issue because FBL.initialize() needs to be called before Firebug.initialize()
    • TODO: Reverse relationship between TabWatcher and Firebug
    • TODO: Command line flags to init firebug from crossfile (module vs panels)
    • Test case for re-attach

JSD v2

  • Seems to be getting a plan.
  • Need to comment


  • Go to 1.6b1 with Firebug 1.6b1
  • Recommend to Firefox team: version 1.6a10 for now + Firebug 1.6a10


The rest was not discussed in the call, but it here for next week.

Issues for 1.6

  • TODO 2) double click.
  • TODO 149
  • Console
    • TODO: remove attributes from the BODY tags



  • DONE, look good.

Break On Errors balloon update

  • button labels?

CSS injection for inspector


  • Add swarm extension <your SVN>/extensions/swarm/branches/swarm1.5
  • Load file://<your SVN>/extensions/swarm/branches/swarm1.5/swarms/basic.html into FBTest to see current status
  • working on signature code


Wiki Reorganization

  • sidebar to panels list


updated March of the Firebugs