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Daily testing for Firebug + Firefox

Issues for 1.6

  • DONE console.table() Honza
    • blog post is up
    • TODO: Doc updates
  • TODO 149
  • Console
    • TODO: remove attributes from the BODY tags
  • hit count
  • disable BON for script panel
  • panel activation
    • refactoring, still some problem
    • changes need to FirePHP, FireQuery,

Architecture Review underway


  • Avoiding context transfer?
    • Leave all model info on server side
    • Client side has "presentation model" (cache of info needed for panels)
  • Accelerated 1.7 work to get Firebug for Fennec
    • Honza and Mike: Firebug to Firebug via CrossFire
    • TODO: Reverse relationship between TabWatcher and Firebug
    • TODO: Command line flags to init firebug from crossfile (module vs panels)
    • Test case for re-attach


  • ActivableModulePanel mess fix up
  • Reattach/deattach

1.6 on FF 3.7

  • wrapper problem already being worked on
  • command line debug problem.

JSD v2

Wiki Reorganization

  • sidebar to panels list
  • move more from, easier to update on wiki

These items were not discussed in the call and remain for next time.


  • Go to 1.6b1 with Firebug 1.6b1
  • Recommend to Firefox team: version 1.6a10 for now + Firebug 1.6a10



The Firebug Velocity demo will feature new features in the Net panel, new comprehensive breakpoint support, and a sneek peek at our next version. In Firebug 1.5 we reimplemented the Net panel to dramatically improve the timing accuracy and to support exporting the traffic analysis info. The export format was designed to be compatible with HTTPWatch. We added breakpoint support from every panel: I'll demo using Javascript breakpoints from XHR events and Cookies. Firebug 1.6 integrates Firebug extensions to give you a jolt of new features all pretested with Firebug.

CSS injection for inspector


  • Add swarm extension <your SVN>/extensions/swarm/branches/swarm1.5
  • Load file://<your SVN>/extensions/swarm/branches/swarm1.5/swarms/basic.html into FBTest to see current status
  • working on signature code


updated March of the Firebugs