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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Steven Roussey

Meeting Agenda:


JSD2 Bug Triage

DevTools Work Week

Portland, OR, Mozilla Office

DevTools, focus:

  • Performance tools
    • Timeline: measuring responsiveness (layout, parsing, reflow)
    • Memory Analyses: allocations happening in JS, object categories, snaphost of the JS heap, etc.
  • Developer Tools SDK
  • Authoring
    • CSS save (also HTML save)
    • File mapping (concept of a project)
  • Mobile Tools (For Firefox OS)

Firebug Focus:

  • e10s
  • Specific features (complementing DevTools)
  • Extending DevTools
  • Faster release cycle (6 weeks, we want to get out features quickly!)
  • Specific Features
    • Support for JS libraries (jQuery, Backbone, AngularJS/UI, ...)
    • Mobile libraries (PhoneGap, ...)
    • Integration with the server side (e.g. debugging NodeJS, make this awesome debugging experience).
    • Enhanced features (PixelPerfect, YSlow, ...)
    • Saving CSS (HTML, etc.), derive concept of a project from DevTools
    • We can drop features by converting them into extensions.


  • It's (almost) possible to send binary over RDP
  • It's (almost) possible to inject actors into the backend dynamically
  • Cool CM autocompletion plugin (created by Brandon Benvie), Ctrl+Space, Ctrl+I
    • See screenshots below
  • Worker Debugger API almost available

Next Firebug Steps:

  • All tests green (FBTest API solid)
  • Firebug 2.0 out
  • e10s analyses

Autocomplete CM Plugin

Bug 968896

custom-autocomplete.png params-and-return.png type-inference.png type-inference-2.png dom1.png dom2.png