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Firefox for iOS, v1.0, Risk Profile= At Risk but within bounds

IOS,Desktop Yellow Risk.png

Risk Profile Change?

No, Yellow for 4 weeks in a row since schedule shift.

Why Yellow?

The project will be at a ‘Yellow’ risk level until the very end, as we will be working until the last possible moment to ensure the release is a fully featured as possible for V1. Ensuring quality and market readiness remains primary focus.

Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Build 7 is out (with 25 dogfood ready locales!)
  • [DONE] Thumbnails in Top Sites
  • [DONE] Sharing from Other Apps
  • [DONE] Move favicon usage in UI
  • [DONE] Frecency in Top Sites
  • Coming: iPad layouts
  • Coming: Saving session
  • Coming: Frecency in Searches
  • In Progress: Fx Sync (Targeting May 1)
  • In Progress: Reader View
  • In Progress: Reading List Sync <== Deferred

Also see this status:

Next Steps and Go to Green Plan

Reading List Sync needs to be disabled/Backed out. Team continues to work towards string freeze and feature complete by May 1.

Tracking for iOS

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1092387 P5 [META] IOS-7 - L10N - Support localization into a core set of languages (EFIGS) RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1092561 P3 [META] IOS-91 - Cloud Services - Firefox Accounts RESOLVED
1092566 P1 [META] IOS-61 - Home Panels - Bookmarks RESOLVED
1093898 P1 [meta] IOS-144 - Build Infrastructure RESOLVED
1100577 -- [meta] IOS-145 - Preliminary v1 UX blockers RESOLVED
1109663 -- [META] IOS-1 - Firefox Ecosystem - Sharing RESOLVED
1126992 P1 [META] IOS-70 - Browsing Data - History RESOLVED
1126993 P1 Browsing Data - Adding Bookmarks RESOLVED
1126994 P4 [META] IOS-87 - Services - Favicons (basics) RESOLVED
1126999 P5 [META] IOS-90 - Cloud Services - Firefox Accounts - login RESOLVED
1127002 P5 [META] - IOS-93 - Sync & FxA RESOLVED
1127006 P5 [META] IOS-1 - Firefox Ecosystem - Sharing RESOLVED
1127009 P4 [META] IOS-21 - Navigation - Forward RESOLVED
1127017 P3 [META] IOS-51 - Reading - Reading view RESOLVED
1127022 P1 [META] IOS-41 - Search - Awesome screen RESOLVED
1127023 P4 [META] IOS-114 - Content- Password fill RESOLVED
1127024 P4 [META] IOS-116 - Content - Password saving RESOLVED
1127025 P2 [META] IOS-73 - Browsing Data - Managing bookmarks (locally) RESOLVED
1127027 -- [META] - IOS-75 - Browsing Data - Returning to bookmarks RESOLVED
1127028 P3 IOS-76 - Browsing Data - Thumbnails RESOLVED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
1127030 P3 IOS-79 - Browsing Data - Passwords RESOLVED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
1127032 P1 [META] - IOS-78 - Browsing Data - Favicons (basics) RESOLVED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
1127034 P2 IOS-80 - Browsing Data - Reading lists RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1127036 -- [META] IOS-114 - Browsing Data - Password Fill - Within Firefox RESOLVED
1127040 P1 [META] IOS-71 - Browsing Data - Bookmarks RESOLVED
1127043 P3 [META] IOS-88 - Services - Thumbnails RESOLVED
1127053 -- [META] IOS-91 - Cloud Services - Firefox Accounts - sign-up RESOLVED
1127056 P5 [META] IOS-95 - Cloud Services - Send tab to RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1127057 P4 [META] IOS-94 - Cloud Services - Reading list RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1127058 P3 [META] IOS-96 - Settings - Password Settings RESOLVED Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him]
1127061 P1 [META] IOS-81 - Services - Session Restore RESOLVED James Hugman [:jhugman] [@jhugman]
1127063 P4 [META] IOS-89 - Services - Reading lists RESOLVED
1127064 P4 IOS-82 - Settings - Help / SUMO RESOLVED
1127065 -- [META] IOS-1 - Firefox Ecosystem - Sharing to other apps (Twitter, Pocket, etc) RESOLVED
1130486 -- [META] IOS-5 Firefox Ecosystem - Send tab RESOLVED
1130487 P5 [META] IOS-6 - Firefox Ecosystem - Responsive for tablet RESOLVED
1130489 P5 IOS-3 - Firefox Ecosystem - Save images to Gallery RESOLVED
1130493 P2 [META] IOS-62 - Home Panels - Reading list RESOLVED
1130494 P1 [META] IOS-67 - Home Panels - History RESOLVED
1130495 P4 IOS-64 - Home Panels - Synced tabs RESOLVED Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him]
1130497 P3 [META] IOS-68 - Home Panels - Top Sites RESOLVED
1130506 P2 IOS-26 - Navigation - Support protocols (tel, mailto, maps, etc) RESOLVED
1130507 P1 [META] IOS-24 - Navigation - Tabbed Browsing RESOLVED
1130508 P4 [META] IOS-52 - Reading - Saving content for offline viewing RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1130513 P3 [META] IOS-59 - Reading - Add (share) to Reading List RESOLVED
1130514 P3 IOS-58 - Reading - Read PDFs RESOLVED Darrin Henein [:darrin]
1130521 P2 [META] IOS-47 - Search - Choose from the list of available providers RESOLVED
1130522 P2 [META] IOS-30 - Security/Privacy - Clear private data RESOLVED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
1130526 P5 [META] IOS-111 - Settings - Blocking pop-ups RESOLVED James Hugman [:jhugman] [@jhugman]
1130527 P2 [META] IOS-101 - Settings - Choose from the list of search providers loaded RESOLVED Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him]
1130530 P3 [META] IOS-97 - Settings - Basic FxA account management [send to a web page] RESOLVED Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him]
1130532 P5 [META] IOS-110 - Settings - Wifi-only data transfer (ie sync data) RESOLVED Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him]
1130767 P1 [META] IOS-27 - Navigation - LocationBar RESOLVED
1130771 P1 [META] IOS-28 - Navigation - Browsing UI RESOLVED
1131272 P1 [META] IOS-146 - Home pager/about:home integration RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
1131752 P4 [META] IOS-136 - Content - Port content logic from login manager RESOLVED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
1132037 P3 [META] IOS-147 - Browsing Data - System RESOLVED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
1132263 P2 [META] IOS-2 - Firefox Ecosystem - Supporting share extensions from other applications RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1134059 P3 [META] IOS-130 - Icon - official branding RESOLVED Darrin Henein [:darrin]
1134351 -- IOS-143 - Settings - Legal Requirements NEW Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him]
1134899 P3 [META] IOS-148 - Device state event handling RESOLVED
1135178 -- [META] IOS - Project structure RESOLVED
1135836 -- [META] IOS-149 - Settings (General) RESOLVED
1136294 -- Integrate logging library, expose logs to user, and allow for sharing logs RESOLVED James Hugman [:jhugman] [@jhugman]
1146361 -- [meta] Improve startup time RESOLVED
1147070 -- On-boarding experience for Firefox iOS RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1147658 -- Choose user agent for Firefox for iOS VERIFIED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
1152335 -- Accessibility meta-bug NEW
1157383 P4 META - IOS-64 - Home Panels - Synced tabs - v2 RESOLVED
1162127 -- Startup crash on iPod Touch and iPhone 4S RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1164160 -- Local server pages don't restore properly on resume RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1164486 -- Application is leaking Browser instances RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
1164897 -- Remove hardcoded status bar height RESOLVED Stephan Leroux [:sleroux]
1166372 -- Don't reopen tabs after crash RESOLVED Stephan Leroux [:sleroux]
1166860 -- Crash in BrowserViewController.webView(, didFinishNavigation:) RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1167288 -- Startup crash in Browser.historyList RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1168452 -- App shows stale snapshots on startup RESOLVED Stephan Leroux [:sleroux]
1168687 -- Screenshots do not restore on resume RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]
1177383 -- [meta] iOS 9 Compatibility (with iOS 8 SDK) RESOLVED
1183075 -- Regression: Loading reader view intermittently fails RESOLVED Stefan Arentz [:st3fan]

80 Total; 2 Open (2.5%); 77 Resolved (96.25%); 1 Verified (1.25%);

Firefox for Android, v38.0.5, Risk Profile = Almost on track


Risk Profile Change?

No, Fennec has been yellow for about 3 weeks.

Why Yellow?

Unclear as to what the user experience with Reading List sync is given change to Desktop; need to ID what the new narrative will be for campaign, given the Pocket Add-On integration for the Home Panels on Android has been shipping for some time, we need to ID what the interaction for Desktop will be if any?

Highlights and Accomplishments

We have consensus there will be no change to the plan of record for Android. Testing will continue as usual but the Desktop use-case will be removed for now.

Next Steps and Go to Green Plan

  1. Remaining work is being tracked via bug 1123101
  2. Full end-to-end testing with production endpoints for synced Reading List
  3. Will monitor fix rate vs. incoming bugs as well as regressions and bounce backs
  4. Healthy balance of the above along with good stability (1.5 crashes or less per 100 ADU) will keep this feature ‘on track’

Tracking for Firefox for Android 38.0.5

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1063844 -- [onboarding] Start Pane v1.5 RESOLVED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
1082011 -- [meta] Create a central Reading List attached to FxA RESOLVED
1120004 -- Update Reader View controls RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
1159780 -- [meta] Dev Edition 40 RESOLVED

4 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Firefox for Desktop, v38.0.5 - Pocket Integration and Reader View Risk Profile = High Risk


Risk Profile Change?

Yes, given the change to the plan of record at this stage of the release, this risk profile goes to orange/red.

Why Orange/Red?

Until we have a more provable scenario with basic implementation, we'll be in the 'high risk' category, especially given we have 6 weeks left in the project . . .

Highlights and Accomplishments

  • We have buy-in from Product and Engineering to proceed with Pocket integration for 38.1. Chad has communicated the decision and the reasons why to the larger team. Dolske has filed the meta bug and work is being scoped.

Next Steps and Go to Green Plan

  1. Disable Reading List and Sync for Reading List in 38.1 bug 1155515
  2. Determine if current schedule will be enough time for implementation and testing
  3. There's more and we're meeting on Tuesday to enumerate more details, as there are still many details to cover, here are some initial factoids:
  • We're not copying the addon, but writing an implementation of our own

fxa testing for sure, workflow is basically sign in or sign up for fxa -> add to pocket button is functional (is just a cta if you aren't signed in)

  • 'add to pocket' button testing from softvision
  • no real security issues, public api call, hand off most of the work to pocket
  • still talking about letting existing users (email or google accounts) in, vs forcing fxa. fxa will likely be the driver as thats kind of the point of this :)
  • l10n testing for what is white listed, might just be en-us for 38.1, pocket has 15 locales so will get to that by 40ish
  • fxa load, ~ 250k active users on pocket addon, but could be significantly more due to putting pocket in front of all users. might want to dns throttle similar to hello if it comes to that

Tracking for Pocket

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1155515 -- Disable Reading List and RL Sync on all channels VERIFIED Justin Dolske [:Dolske]
1155516 -- Create Firefox::Pocket component RESOLVED Byron Jones ‹:glob› 🎈
1155517 P2 Change Reader View to have a "Save Page to Pocket" button instead of "Add To Reader List" VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1155518 -- Implement "Save to Pocket" context menu item VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian]
1155519 -- Add "View Pocket Items" menuitem to the bookmarks menu VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian]
1155520 P3 Add telemetry for Pocket integration NEW
1155521 -- Figure out what to do with users to have the Pocket add-on / SocialAPI button installed VERIFIED Drew Willcoxon :adw
1155523 -- Implement rough first-pass at Pocket toolbar button UI VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1155541 P2 [breakdown] UITour work for Pocket integration RESOLVED
1156878 -- Send a request to the server when clicking the Pocket toolbar button VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian]
1157017 P3 Pocket offline experience RESOLVED
1157492 P3 [meta] Pocket integration metrics tracking NEW
1157495 -- [meta] Pocket quality and test eng tasks NEW
1157578 P1 create production FxA OAuth client credentials for Pocket RESOLVED
1158880 -- Separate out the Pocket UI to an imported XHTML file and scoped stylesheets RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1158883 -- Update Pocket "Page Saved" panel UI to match the final spec RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1159460 P4 Need decision on how deleting FxAcct affects 3rd Party data RESOLVED Bryan Clark (DevTools PM) [:clarkbw]
1160350 -- Missing Pocket icon in menupanel/palette on OS X Yosemite+ RESOLVED Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] (
1160401 P5 Tag text is selectable in Pocket door hanger NEW
1160405 -- Awkward black profile circle when signing up a new Firefox account for Pocket RESOLVED
1160407 P3 Pocket's "Open Pocket" and "Sign In"/"Create Account" link won't work well with Private Browsing RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1160629 -- CSS errors in imported Pocket code RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1160663 -- Allow hilighting the Pocket button via UITour RESOLVED Justin Dolske [:Dolske]
1160678 -- Pocket door hangers arent automatically closed VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1161138 P2 localization of pocket doesn't use gecko l10n system RESOLVED Justin Dolske [:Dolske]
1161321 -- please add pref to point to PROD pocket servers RESOLVED
1161502 -- The question mark icon next to the "Sign Up with Firefox" button seems misaligned RESOLVED
1161504 P5 The "Save" button from the Pocket panel appears to have a visited styling applied VERIFIED
1161508 P5 The panel shown by the Pocket button after saving a page displays top and bottom borders RESOLVED
1161510 -- main.js:481:12 throws an error in the Browser Console when "Sign Up with Firefox" is clicked VERIFIED
1161514 P5 The sign-up panel shown by the Pocket button displays top and bottom borders on Mac and Windows VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1161518 P5 The user is able to drag and drop the links from the Pocket panel NEW
1161522 P3 The user is able to save Pocket's "My List" to itself, twice NEW
1161593 P2 3-8% Win7/linux32 tpaint regression on Mozilla-Inbound-Non-PGO on May 03, 2015 from push 1e8d30cb367e RESOLVED
1161654 -- Update Pocket code to latest version VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1161793 P1 Pocket: Race condition in onShow handling VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1161799 P4 Need decision on inclusion of question mark link and landing page for 'sign in with firefox' NEW
1161873 P1 Switch pocket production credentials to trusted:false RESOLVED Chris Kolosiwsky [:ckolos]
1161933 -- Detect pages pocket can't handle, and don't offer them. RESOLVED
1162005 P1 Pocket panel doesn't autofit size (width/height) to localized content (scrollbars, content partially hidden) RESOLVED
1162012 -- Pocket only supports tag labels/names/texts with a maximum length of 25 characters, no visible error message for longer ones RESOLVED
1162014 P4 Long tags cut off after trying to save them, overlayed/hidden by white area NEW
1162033 P4 Pocket panel closes itself while hovering over pocket toolbar button NEW
1162044 P3 After logging out from Pocket, Pocket panel's content is bigger, resize required but missing RESOLVED
1162056 P1 While signed into Firefox Accounts for Sync: 'Sign In with Firefox' button links to sign up page, should be sign in page RESOLVED
1162147 P4 "View Pocket List" menuitem should be at top of bookmarks menu VERIFIED Justin Dolske [:Dolske]
1162193 P1 Pocket initial panel load displays incorrectly RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1162253 P5 Update the Pocket Menu Icon with the correct aspect ratios RESOLVED Justin Dolske [:Dolske]
1162283 P1 Add support for limited hard-coded localizations to Pocket RESOLVED Drew Willcoxon :adw
1162445 -- The Pocket toolbar button's functionality is not properly adapting to private browsing, where the user is no longer signed in RESOLVED
1162660 P5 Pocket Save Panel should use the system font NEW
1162697 P1 spinner when saving to pocket feels like a responsiveness problem RESOLVED
1162713 P1 Implement "Save Link to Pocket" context menu item VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1162816 -- After signing up for Pocket using Firefox, the onboarding experience shows Chrome screenshots RESOLVED
1163231 P3 Test failures on Aurora due to Pocket button causing toolbar overflow ASSIGNED Drew Willcoxon :adw
1163316 -- Pocket suggested tags will occasionally show [object Object] VERIFIED
1163319 P1 Pocket button in hamburger menu breaks layout VERIFIED Justin Dolske [:Dolske]
1163434 -- Provide other read it later services than Pocket RESOLVED
1163577 P3 Reader View button shouldn't be shown on Pocket website RESOLVED
1163613 P3 The panel shown when attempting to Save to Pocket in offline mode is dismissed too soon NEW
1163614 -- Pocket premium shows not premium panel first RESOLVED
1163651 P5 [Windows]View Pocket List icon from Bookmarks menu is missing. VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1163917 P1 The built-in Pocket is NOT completely disabled if Pocket is already installed and used as an add-on VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1163922 P3 Middle clicking "View Pocket List" does nothing UNCONFIRMED
1163931 P3 "View Pocket List" prevents going back to previous page due to server redirects NEW
1164418 -- cmd/ctrl-click on pocket list bookmarks menuitem should open in a new tab RESOLVED
1164649 P3 More late string changes in Pocket RESOLVED Justin Dolske [:Dolske]
1164670 P4 Add "View Pocket List" to bookmarks sidebar? NEW
1164920 P4 Pocket button not disabled on first load in menu VERIFIED
1164923 P2 Pocket Android app FxA sign in breaks after logging out RESOLVED
1164929 P5 Flickering/transparency on hover of buttons in Pocket Logged Out panel NEW
1165416 -- Update Pocket code to latest version (May 15th code drop) VERIFIED Nate Weiner
1166240 P1 Missing Pocket icon in reader view mode VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me)
1166253 P3 View Pocket List from Bookmarks toolbar icon opens Log In page in Private Browsing mode NEW
1166699 -- If the Pocket button is hidden, all the Pocket-related context menu options are hidden as well RESOLVED
1166701 P5 There's a border displayed around the Pocket panel if the button is placed in the menu ≡ RESOLVED
1166704 -- If the Pocket button is hidden, there's no visual feedback displayed for clicking the save button from Reader View RESOLVED
1166706 P5 Clicking the empty space of Pocket's confirmation panel results in an error thrown by CustomizableUI.jsm:1536:10 RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him)
1166717 -- Change the View Pocket List menu item to account for logged in state RESOLVED
1166770 -- [Pocket] Login with Firefox account button doesn't have text on locales VERIFIED
1167512 -- [es-ES] Visual glitch for Web Pocket drop down Log Out option RESOLVED
1167513 -- Saved credentials are prefilled when Signing Up with email in Pocket RESOLVED
1167585 -- Different or no onboarding experience offered for users signing up with FxA instead of regular email RESOLVED
1167587 -- The welcome tour from cannot be dismissed RESOLVED
1167593 -- No need to confirm e-mail account if signing up with regular e-mail RESOLVED
1168351 -- Pocket is stuck on a "Waiting..." message on the 2nd load from the menu RESOLVED
1169275 -- [Windows] The Pocket button displays scrollbars on the German locale if it's placed in the menu RESOLVED
1169277 P5 [Mac] Strange animation displayed for the menu button after dismissing the Pocket panel displayed by the tour RESOLVED
1169283 P5 [Linux] Menu button displays an orange background while the Pocket button is opened from inside of it NEW
1170830 -- Confusing permissions page during Pocket signup RESOLVED

90 Total; 18 Open (20%); 49 Resolved (54.44%); 23 Verified (25.56%);

Firefox for Desktop, v38.0.5 - Room Sharing for Hello, Risk Profile = On Track


Risk Profile Change?

No, Hello has been Green or 'On Track' for about 4 weeks

Why Green?

String freeze declared on time. Tab sharing has been uplifted and the feature is ready for end-to end testing, it may shift to Yellow depending upon incoming defect reports

Next Steps

  1. Stay on top of incoming bugs and issues
  2. Will monitor fix rate vs. incoming bugs as well as regressions and bouncebacks
  3. Healthy balance of the above along with good stability will keep this feature ‘on track’

Tracking for Hello

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1100391 P1 [User story] As a desktop client user in a conversation, I can start sharing any window from within my conversations so that link clickers can see it. RESOLVED
1102268 P1 [User story] As a link clicker in a conversation, I want to see content shared with me in real-time. RESOLVED
1115336 P2 [User story] As a desktop client user in a conversation, I can start sharing the content of my active tabs from within my conversation so that link clickers can see my active tab. RESOLVED

3 Total; 0 Open (0%); 3 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Firefox Developer Edition, v40.0, Risk Profile: At Risk Until We Land on a Plan


Risk Profile Change?

No, Fx40 has been 'yellow' since it was merged to Nightly since 03/30.


Need to land on intended scope for the campaign

Highlights/Next Steps

  1. Aligning with June 2nd date
  2. iOS debugging is likely out of scope due to App Store
  3. Perf tooling; WebVR
  4. Implement changes based on user voice/feedback

Tracking Dev Edition

  • Need to triage meta:
  • Team has also dividing and conquering this list
  • Stay tuned for an update this week