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Firefox Activity Stream Program - Cross-Platform Status Report - May-16-2017

Project Health & Exec Summary

Green-sm.jpg On track, issues well managed Yellow-sm.jpg Some risks, unknowns without clear mitigations Red-sm.jpg Blocked on deliverables, needs decision, escalation required

Platform/Area Target Health Exec Summary
Desktop FF57


  • Engineering team works in 2 week iterations. The current Sprint 'Zumtela ends on May 28th.
  • Team continues to make good progress toward MVP with delivery on track for Firefox 57. Full MVP Backlog can be found HERE
  • The Graduation team is getting close to preffing on Activity Stream in Nightly and needs to work on Search Suggestions, about:home, cleaning up tests, and perf telemetry.
  • The MVP team is finishing up customization (drag’n’drop, add/edit topsite), as well as beginning work on Segments.
Android FF??


  • No Updates/HOLD
  • MVP Backlog can be found here.
  • Schedule will need to re-baselined once all resources are back in place. 2/3 of team has been reassigned temporarily to another high-priority initiative (Focus for Android). No current ship date yet identified.
iOS V8.0


  • Current Sprint 1.22 - ending on May 28th
  • Activity stream bug-fixing & polishing continuing in this sprint. Development is on track and progressing well.
  • Overall MVP Backlog can be found here.
  • First Firefox on iOS V8.0 build, containing Activity Stream will be released to a beta audience via Testflight in the very near future.
  • Final release dates for V8.0 are being revisited/discussed to allow for sufficient test/soak time.

Engineering Highlights From Last Completed Sprint


The Activty Stream ‘Yoho’ milestone ended May 14th. For a complete list of the issues resolved in the Yoho sprint please click HERE

The ‘Graduation’ team implemented critical Search and Context Menu infrastructure in Firefox Nightly as well as landing performance related telemetry probes and key PlacesDB interfaces. This work is critical to getting Activity Stream ‘preffed on’ in Nightly, which would make it the default about:newtab experience for users.

The MVP team released a Test Pilot version of Activity Stream featuring Pocket recommendations. This experiment’s goal is to see how Pocket affects user retention and to understand how users engage with this content.



  • No new code landed. Development on hold per notes above.


In the last sprint (1.21 ended May 14th) great progress was made on tying up final loose ends in preparation for kick-off of the TestFlight Beta for Activity Stream. Farhan addressed concerns around improving the AS first run experience and fixed issues relating to Highlights metadata. Also, Steph worked on normalizing our build process in preparation for our first 8.x beta, which is the delivery vehicle for Activity stream. His efforts here should make future betas much easier.

  • For a complete list of issues resolved in sprint 1.21 please click HERE
  • Here is what we have in Product Nightly right now showing top sites and highlights.


Risks & Issues

Description of Risk/Issue Affected Platform(s) State Owner Version Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Android AS resource availability Android Open Eng 2/3 Android resources temporarily reassigned. June 20

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