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For Android specific work, see Firefox/Activity_Stream/Mobile_Sprint_Planning/Android_AS.

Sprint 1.30 - Sept 11-24, 2017

Goals and Themes

Bugs per Theme - Click Here

    • Breakdown where needed
    • Bi-Directional bookmark sync
    • Telemetry & Data Loss
    • FxA support & Autopush additional messages
    • Photon UI Refresh
    • Pocket Stories
    • Papercuts
    • L10N automation
    • Optimizing Build & Release processes
    • Clone to Deploy

Remaining Work to Complete for this Sprint

Open List in Bugzilla

ID Product Summary Status Priority Rank Tracking fxios Tracking fennec Assigned to Whiteboard
1398868 Firefox for iOS Add verbosity option for Sentry logging ASSIGNED P3 10.0 Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc] [MobileCore]

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

In Queue for Next Sprint

Open List in Bugzilla

ID Product Summary Status Priority Rank Tracking fxios Tracking fennec Assigned to Whiteboard
1364420 Firefox for iOS Add actions to notifications NEW P2 ? [MobileCore][Autopush]
1364580 Firefox for iOS [meta] Photon Bottom bar and menu UI updates NEW P2 --- [MobileCore][Photon]
1364586 Firefox for iOS [meta] Global color scheme and icon update NEW P2 --- [MobileCore][Photon]
1364587 Firefox for iOS [meta] Update iOS extensions for Photon NEW P2 --- [MobileCore][Photon]
1373201 Firefox for iOS Audit client collection syncing now Push exists. NEW P2 + [MobileCore][Autopush]
1382305 Firefox for iOS Add UI event telemetry probes ASSIGNED P2 11.0 Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc] [MobileCore][Telemetry]
1390293 Firefox for iOS Re-implement NSUserActivity helper for Handoff NEW P2 10.1 [MobileCore]
1390294 Firefox for iOS Re-implement CoreSpotlight helper NEW P2 11.0 [MobileCore]
1399927 Firefox for iOS [meta] Support UIKit Drag and Drop (iOS 11) NEW P2 9.2
1400608 Firefox for iOS Adjust Top-sites spacing to match mockup NEW P2 10.0 [MobileCore][Photon]
1400973 Firefox for iOS Create a WKWebView abstraction for unifying state changes NEW P2 11.0 [MobileCore]
1403151 Firefox for iOS 'Go to copied link' toast is dismissed prematurely when the app starts NEW P2 10.0 [Regression][ClipboardBar]
1404389 Firefox for iOS Turn on the clipboard bar on by default. NEW P2 10.1 [ClipboardBar]
1405132 Firefox for iOS Upgrade SQLCipher ASSIGNED P2 11.0 Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc]
1405604 Firefox for iOS [Regression] The clipboard is incorrectly cleared after following specific steps NEW P2 10.0 [Regression]
1406477 Firefox for iOS Code quality: rename BaseTestCase.waitfor* to BaseTestCase.waitFor* NEW P2 +
1406515 Firefox for iOS Generate L10n screenshots for Photon ASSIGNED P2 10.0 James Hugman [:jhugman] [@jhugman] [L10NScreenshots]
1406538 Firefox for iOS Send tab should be an option when links are pressed and held in Safari NEW P2 10.1 [Extensions]
1407439 Firefox for iOS Audit iOS Sync's use of server configuration limits to ensure they're consistent with the server NEW P2 10.0 [Sync]
1408127 Firefox for iOS Integrate a pre-processor for user scripts ASSIGNED P2 11.0 Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc]
1409090 Firefox for iOS Add ability to reload without tracking protection (long press gesture on reload button) NEW P2 10.1 [Parity=Safari][TrackingProtection]
1409608 Firefox for iOS WKWebView needs Safari Parity on iPhone X NEW P2 10.0 [iPhoneX]
1409886 Firefox for iOS Drop an event when User clicks on a Pocket Story on Activity Stream (for Leanplum) NEW P2 10.0 Farhan Patel [:farhan] [MMA]
1410085 Firefox for iOS Bookmarks query getRecentBookmarks in highlights doesn't return non-local bookmarks NEW P2 10.0 [Bookmarks][DataStorage][NewTab]

24 Total; 24 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Open list in Bugzilla

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