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Firefox Activity Stream - Desktop Status Report - Sep-15-2017

Project Health & Exec Summary

Green-sm.jpg On track, issues well managed Yellow-sm.jpg Some risks, unknowns without clear mitigations Red-sm.jpg Blocked on deliverables, needs decision, escalation required

Target Health Notes


Activity Stream is in 56 Beta but is preff'd off by default. We are conducting studies via Shield pref-flipping to gather data from defined percentages of the Beta population.


Pre-Beta signed off in yellow state, but AS is considered a 'go' for the merge. A small number of P1s remain, and QA has stated that these, and any P2s of higher importance may be addressed in the 57 Beta cycle.

Remaining P1 Issues Tracking to FX57

Risks & Issues

Description of Risk/Issue Severity Likelihood Impact (SxL) Mitigation Contingency Status/Notes
Bug 1399936 - Drop off in Firefox 56 Beta en-US population in Shield Study (Activity Stream study) Current 56 Issue Several theories on why we are seeing this drop-off are being investigated. Appears to be coming from something that landed between Beta 10 and Beta 11. This is not confirmed to be a problem with Activity Stream specifically but potentially with Shield or Add-ons Manager. There is currently not sufficient telemetry data to determine definitive cause. Investigation is ongoing.

This also means we have not collected the data from this study as planned, so future experiment plans may need to be revisited to account for this lack.

Activity Stream on about:home causes Talos or Competitive Benchmark regression 4 - high 3 - medium 12 Engage pi-request for help in Talos and Hero Element measurement. Work on AS prerendering. Do not land AS on about:home and land an updated (Activity Stream-like) version of existing about:home static HTML Latest Nightly Hero Element Benchmark test results are HERE. With the new numbers from Sunday's evening Nightly 20170917220255, Activity Stream hero element time is 1191.19ms, which is exactly 10%

above the Chrome reference, so within the required 20% target.

Onboarding Tour negatively affects Firefox engagement and retention 4 - high 3 - medium 12 Put onboarding behind pref, switch onboarding telemetry to ping-centre, help Onboarding team run a/b tests, support in UX redesign for Onboarding Tour Don't ship Onboarding Tour Working with the onboarding team to formulate a series of experiments to be performed in 57. Will be using the Ping-Centre Framework to conduct these experiments, collect results, do analysis and help make product decisions.
Site summary metadata collection/storage/retreival causes Talos or memory regression. Note that this feature is required for the Highlights Section 4 - high 0 - none 0 Land and measure quickly, split metadata into two (Top Site and Highlights) Use screenshots for all site summary metadata needs. Do not ship Highlights Section Landed. Risk has been mitigated and Highlights is a Go for 57.
AS engagement metrics suffer because we do not have good Tippytop metadata 3 - medium 1 - very low 3 Land patch that uses high quality icons for default top sites, where available. The critical part of this has landed (metadata for default Top Sites) which covers about 80% of the concern, greatly reducing the risk.

Sprint Performance/Status

Sprint: How to Train Your Dragon
Ended September 17th, 2017
Bugs Closed - 71

Sprint: Grave of the Fireflies
Ended September 3rd, 2017
Bugs Closed - 71