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Build Status

  • Pushed out beta2 build #2 today
    • Build #2 was needed as PGO was accidentally disabled for build #1
    • RelEng caught it, awesome!
    • Decided to rebuild to not add noise to performance and crash data
      • Performance would go down, potentially masking real issues
      • Crash signatures could change due to inlining, which might have caused us to miss real issues
    • Working on ways to catch this in the future (RelEng as well as RelMan)
    • Thanks to RelEng and QA!
  • Plan for the (not urgent) go-to-build to happen on Tuesday, as previously agreed upon

Specific concerns / topics of discussion

  • Backing out tab animations
    • Breaks a fair amount of add-ons (some feedback we've gotten from developers is it is too much)
    • There are edge cases engineering may not be happy with
    • "Breaks" drag tab to bookmark bar, which we think is < 1% use case (but has vocal supporters and still works when you hold down a key before dragging)
  • bug 692759 - Async plugin paInting off for QuickTime?
    • Caused by bug 663259
    • Have some complaints from Sling media
    • Probably a bigger issue, might need to move to a whitelist


  • bug 691271 - RoboForm causing startup crashes
    • We need to see if we can get them off binary components (not sure if that would make a difference though)

Meeting Meta

  • As previously discussed, these meetings will change soon
    • The plan is for the Monday Beta meeting to be combined with the Aurora meeting on Tuesday/Thursday
  • Christian and Alex are working on some tools and docs
  • Plan for the new process cutover to be next week if no one has an issue with it
    • We'll make this explicitly clear, don't worry