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About Foxfooding

  • Mozilla has heavily invested in the upcoming releases of Firefox, particularly Firefox 57, to gain market share and re-assert itself as a major player in the browser field. Many features of Firefox will suffer radical transformation.
  • To ensure that the 57 release is as successful as possible, we propose creating a new program that encourages Mozillians to participate in early-stage testing of user-facing and/or regression-prone features using Nightly. This program, affectionately named Foxfooding: Warp Speed Ahead, is centered around the premise that Mozillians are passionate about contributing to a great Firefox product and are invested in making Firefox 57 successful. It is also our belief that involvement in early-stage testing will familiarize Mozillians with new features and will help us become better advocates for users.


  • Encouraging Mozillians to test new features landing in Nightly and file bugs.

Switch to Nightly

  • Firefox 57 is our best opportunity in years to prove that Firefox is still modern and relevant, and we need your help to make it a success.
  • The best way you can help is to switch to Firefox Nightly today.

Features schedule

The testing effort we wanna engage For Firefox 57, will start in the middle of August (one week after 57 hits the Nightly channel) to the end of October.

Item Feature Name Date
1 Add-ons
2 AMO Desktop
3 Onboarding
4 Customize Menu
5 Page Actions Menu
6 Activity Stream





  • Questions can be asked on #foxfooding channels on IRC and Slack