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This page is the place to learn how to start contributing to the Firefox front-end. The Firefox front-end is the name for the user interface for Firefox, and it includes various pieces such as:

  • the default theme
  • bookmarking
  • history
  • Social API
  • downloads
  • pages within the browser such as the New Tab page, home page, etc
  • preferences
  • and more!

The goal of the Firefox front-end team is to make a kickass product out of the Gecko rendering engine. People working on the Firefox front-end use HTML/XUL/JS/CSS/C++.


The best place to get in contact with people working on the front-end is by joining the #fx-team IRC channel at irc://

If you have questions about specific parts of the code, here are some good people to talk to:

  • Theme: dao, jaws, mattn, gijs, shorlander
  • Toolbars and Customization: Unfocused, jaws, mconley
  • Social API: mixedpuppy, markh, jaws, felipe
  • Downloads: paolo
  • History/Bookmarks: mak
  • Panorama/Tab Groups: ttaubert
  • New Tab page: ttaubert
  • Session Restore: ttaubert, smacleod
  • Installer/Updater: rstrong, bbondy
  • Add-ons: Unfocused, mossop
  • Find bar: mikedeboer
  • Electrolysis: felipe
  • Thumbnails: adw, markh, ttaubert

Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features

To report a bug/usability papercut/smaller feature/etc, file a bug in the Firefox product on Mozilla's Bugzilla. Ask on IRC to get help in choosing which component the bug should go in.

To suggest a larger feature, gather use cases, user stories, a statement of the problem your feature is solving, etc and post them to the mailing list where we can flesh the feature out as a community.

Mentored and Good First Bugs

List of available mentored and good first bugs

If you want to pick one of these up, feel free to ask for help in attacking the bug right in the bug itself, in #fx-team on, or on the firefox-dev mailing list!



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