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Meeting details

  • Tuesdays @1630GMT/1230 EDT/0930PDT
  • Vidyo ProgramManagement
  • IRC #gofaster


  • Proposed Q3 goals:
    • Client support for system add-ons, install and update (Mossop/rhelmer, rstrong?)
    • Implement lightweight build, test, and release pipeline for go-faster (mrrrgn, jp, mbrandt, krupa)
    • Ship v1 of Firefox Experiments / Idea Town (nchapman, jhirsch, jgruen, lmorchard)
    • Security policy updates through new update service ("Balrog 2.0") (tarek + french team)
  • Updates per subteam
  • Roundtable/Q&A
    • Need to get bugs on file for everything!
    • Goals should be reflected in Q3 deliverables.